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Pin Bhabha Pass

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek connects the lush green, vibrant Bhaba Valley, Kinnaur, to the deserted, cold, and dry Pin Valley in Spiti.

This trek includes passing through thick coniferous forests, crossing river bridges, trekking through glaciers, screes, moraines, and camping at beautiful campsites. The landscape constantly changes on this trek, but the only constant is the turquoise Bhaba River that gives us company throughout.

There is no denying that the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is the most loved crossover trek in India. The trekking trail starts in a tiny hamlet Kafnu in Kinnaur and ends in a rustic village Mudh in Spiti Valley. It is a visual treat to experience the two extremes of nature coexisting and gives you a wonderful insight into the two distinct Himalayan cultures.

The trail of Pin Bhaba starts at the charming little Himalayan hamlet of Kafnu (2,400 M) in Kinnaur Valley, climbs up to 4,915M and descends down the other side to a small village in Spiti – Mudh (3,810 M). The experience is no less than witnessing a multitude of dimensions in a span of 8 days.

This trail that takes you through dense forests and shepherd’s trails on the Kinnaur side into the vast, arid lands of Spiti is a visual lesson in the coexistence of extremes. Be prepared Pin for an overstimulation of all your senses on this trek! But this trek is not just about the stunning differences in landscape.

It also introduces you to two distinct Himalayan cultures – the livelihoods, structure of houses, lifestyles – as you traverse from one side of the mountain to the other. The realization that communities and cultures are a product of their environment is a sheer revelation you will witness on this trek.

Trek location

The Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is your passage between two distinct worlds – that from the abundant and alive Bhaba valley in Kinnaur to the dry, resilient and almost galactic Pin Valley in Spiti (the cold desert) in Himachal Pradesh.

How to reach start point – Shimla

• By Air- Jubbarhatti, which is about 23 kilometre from the town, is the nearest airport. There are regular flights going from Jubbarhatti to Chandigarh and Delhi. You can easily get a taxi from the airport to get to Shimla or you can ask your hotel to arrange for an airport transfer.

• By Bus- There are several bus services including Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses as well as private operators connecting Shimla to the major cities in North India. Chandigarh is at a distance of 117 kilometre , Manali at 260 kilometre and Delhi at 343 kilometre . If you are going from Delhi, you can take an overnight air conditioned luxury bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate. Buses go in the morning or later at night – timings can vary from season to season, you can check them online before making a reservation.

• By Train- The small railway station in Shimla is just 1 kilometre away from the centre of the town and is connected to Kalka by a narrow gauge rail track. The famous toy train of Shimla goes between Kalka and Shimla, covering a distance of 96 kilometres in about 7 hours. Kalka in turn is the nearest rail head, which is connected to Chandigarh and Delhi by regular trains. You can take the Kalka Shatabdi, which goes from New Delhi Railway Station to Kalka Railway Station via Chandigarh.

Altitude of Pin Bhabha Pass

The highest point of trek – the Pass is at a height of 4,915 Mts. and is the best of both the worlds at the same time. The prayer flags, the panoramic view with the assault of greens on the one side and browns on the other, while you find yourself in knee deep white snow, are an experience like no other.

Trek Distance

The trek itself follows through long dense trees alongside the Bhabha river and covers a complete distance of 60 Kms. The trek is can be done in total 8 days.

Trek weather

During the day the temperature of Pin Bhaba Pass trek is around ( 5°C to 10 °C and during the night the temperature comes down to -1 °C to -5 °C which is not bad.

Best time to visit Pin Bhabha

Pass Pin Bhaba Pass trek is a very beautiful and an Gradual uphill trek in the Himachal, The Pin Bhaba Pass trek is great for those people who have a great passion for mountaineering and consider it a special purpose in their life. The best time to do the Pin Bhaba Pass trek is from May to October, you can do it comfortably, it is safe, there is no problem of any kind here.

You get to see a lot in the trek, along with snow in May and June, you also get to see greenery which looks like a mini Switzerland. Pin Bhaba Pass I get amazing combination of two valleys of dry and green valley which makes your trek very memorable and also a difficult. So this trek should not be considered too easy.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Month in May and June gives a slightly different experience to Trekkers because in May you start getting snow after Mulling camps.

The Pin Bhaba Pass trek starts from Kafnu village and its end point is Mudh near Kaza Spiti valley. road head In May and June, you get a combination of both greenery and snow and Dry valley spiti , which makes the trek very spectacular. The weather in May and June is quite good and trek friendly, which makes trekking a lot of fun.

In the month of July and August, you will get to see beautiful flowers and green Meadows beautiful Mountain range, this trek looks very beautiful in monsoon. Pin Bhaba Pass trek is mostly done in July and August, it is easy to trek here in this month.

There is some rain in the monsoon months of July and August, trek but it also has its own fun in trekking. and Not many people come here in monsoon, so you can have a peaceful atmosphere here.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek is a little different in the months of September and October, There is no snow here in September and October, so it is a bit difficult to pass the summit without a little snow, but at this time you can get to see very beautiful views, and the special thing is that the month of October can be here anytime. Snow can fall, you can experience it.

Highlights of the trek

• Enjoy the mesmerizing views of the turquoise waters of the Chandratal Lake nestled within the high mountains on the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek trail

• Trek across the pink hues of the Pin valley amidst the stark and deserted mountains of Spiti on one side and lush green Bhaba valley on the other

• Hike across the enchanting forests of Mulling and into the grasslands of Mulling with turquoise blue river and little brooks on opposite sides of your trail.

Activities of Pin Bhabha Pass Trek

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek
Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek
Day 1: Shimla to Kafnu

You will have to initiate your journey from Shimla. Reach Shimla via roadways or railways from any part of the world to begin the first lap of your adventure. Shimla is around 201.2 kilometers away from Kafnu (2350 meters).

If you have booked a package with any trekking agency, it will pick you up from Shimla and drive you to Kafnu, which would take roughly 6 to 7 hours. The road trip along quiet roads with cool breezes will gradually ease your mind’s worries and everyday commotions.

You may also stop by Kafnu’s underground hydroelectric facility en route. At Kafnu, have a delicious dinner while listening to light music, and afterward rest in one of the hotels.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

Day 2: Kafnu to Mulling

This day marks the start of your high-altitude adventure. It includes a walk from Kafnu to Mulling (3280 meters), around 11.8 kilometers long, and will take approximately 8 hours to finish.

The trail’s moderate terrain presents multiple scenic offerings that capture your attention. You will also find thick pines and brooks meandering across the region. You can stroll along the tranquil moraines with the roaring Bhabha river running on the left side.

The thick pine, deodars, and abundance of alpine woods make this region a priority among trekkers. The chirping of the mountain birds and the gushing flow of the streams will add to the charm of your adventure.

You can even see the hydel project and Jhandi Top (3243 meters). When you arrive at Mulling, spend the night in the campground, surrounded by verdant pastures and starry skies.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

Day 3: Mulling to Kara

You must trek today from Mulling to Karah (3560 meters). Today’s hike is a little easier than the previous day. After a quick breakfast, you may embark on your hike. You have to walk approximately 6 kilometers, which will take you nearly 5 hours.

The vibrant landscape features a 3.3 km gradual incline followed by 1.5 km of severe elevation, leveling over at the last 1.2 km. As you hike on this trail, you’ll primarily embrace the sprawling grasslands, and these will contribute to the stunning vistas across your journey.

You will encounter a spectacular phenomenon on your hiking route where you can hear the river rushing but can’t see it. This underground river can be crossed through a snowy bridge. When you get to Karah, you will be astounded by the magnificent meadows where you can frequently see pashmina sheep grazing and varieties of flora decorating the region. After that, relax at the campsite and have a light dinner.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

Day 4: Kara to Pushtirang

Today’s hike will take you from Karah to Phutsirang (4200 meters). It takes around 5 kilometers and 4 hours. On today’s hike, you will see flowers in vibrant red, pink, and blue colors.

Begin today’s trek early and cross the river before the flow becomes too rapid. As you walk on the moraine, you will find the Phutsirang River would be on your right. The path features rubble as well as brook crossings.

Your eyes will be soothed by the panoramic vistas of Hansbeshan Peak (5240 meters), Nimish Khango (4890 meters), Tari Khango (4865 meters), and Pin Bhaba Pass.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

Day 5: Pushtirang to Mangrungse via Bhaba Pass

Today’s journey is one of the most spectacular of the entire trip. The landscape changes dramatically from green meadows to the frozen deserts of Spiti. The hike from Phutsirang to Mangrungse through the Pin Bhaba Pass will take around 9 hours and cover a distance of 10.9 kilometers.

To get to the campground, you need to climb steadily for over 3 km to reach the pass, cross over a river, and descend gently through moraine and gravel.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

Day 6: Mangrungse to Mudh/Kaza

You’ve finally arrived on the final day of your trek. On this day, the walk from Mangrungse to Mudh covers a distance of 16.3 kilometers in 7 hours. It is the final and longest part of the journey, so begin the day with vigor and enthusiasm.

After passing through the Bara boulder, you will come across a wooden bridge that will allow you to cross a river and then join a level road. The sweeping vistas of the red soil-laden Mudh (3810 meters) village will be among the best parts of the hike. You will get a true sense of ethnicity and indigenous charm in this part of the tour.

A suspension bridge will carry you across the Pin River. Then there’s a short climb up to Mudh village in Spiti. You will next board your cars, which will transport you to Kaza.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

Day 7: Departure from Kaza

Returning from Kaza (3800 meters) to Manali requires crossing the Rohtang Pass. Enjoy a heart-warming 9-hour trip and return home with a plethora of wonderful memories.

If you have spare time in-store, you can extend the trek to 8 days and keep a day handy to explore the Mudh village in the last lap of your journey.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

Day 8: Kaza to Manali

And the final day of the trek that takes you back to Manal. The journey will be long of 9-11 hours. But the views will be astounding. You will cross the famous Rohtang pass to reach Manali.

Points to consider while you plan for Pin Bhabha Pass trek

Physical fitness

If you want to enhance your physical fitness for the journey, you might begin with brisk walks and then progress to brisk jogs. Maintain a consistent practice schedule for 4 to 6 weeks.
Give some time for running, cycling, and swimming. Consume nutritious diets to boost your stamina.

Mental fitness

Throughout the journey, maintain an enthusiastic and affirmative attitude.

You should have faith in your ability to tackle the steep trekking terrain comfortably.

Experienced hikers feel that breaking down the entire journey into smaller goals might be effective.

Concentrate on modest goals and accomplish them. You shouldn’t be concerned about the seemingly long trek ahead. Before embarking on this adventure, learn from others’ experiences, and your trek will be much easier.

There might be unexpected circumstances that require a strong mind and real-time judgment on the trek.

Yoga and meditation are highly recommended for enhanced mental health.

If you are an experienced trekker looking for adventurous expeditions, the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is the right fit for you.

This mind-blowing trek will take you through the lush green Bhaba valley and make you witness the spectacular flora and fauna of the Himalayan mountain areas, the vivid sunrise, and colorful sunsets.

You will also encounter tranquil terrains, gorgeous grasslands, and serene valleys. Solo treks over these pristine mountain passes will allow you to spend more time with yourself, allowing you to gain a better perspective while also enjoying complete peace of mind.

Things to Carry  Pin Bhaba Pass  Trek

Backpack 30/60 L  

  • External straps and loops and easy to open compartments access.

Water Bottle

  • A reusable water bottle/hydration flask – 1.5-2L.k.

Energy Bars

  • Nutrient-dense with oats, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

  • Warm and waterproof clothing for winters, wind and waterproof jackets.

Warm Jacket

  • Fleece/padded jacket to keep you warm.


  • A textured grip with rechargeable batteries.

Sun protection

  • Sunscreen, wide-brim hat, and sunglasses.

Rain Protection

  • Umbrella, opt for waterproof & windproof rain jacket for winters. 

Trekking Boots

  • Good grip, flexible sole, good ankle support, snug fit, water-resistance and are easy to wear/remove.

Extra Pair of Clothing

  • When the weather changes in the mountains (as it happens every few hours), you can take off or put on layers as required.


  • Lightweight – cotton/bamboo/linen/microfiber easy to dry.

Personal Hygiene Kit

  • ” Hand sanitizer, biodegradable soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton washcloth, toilet paper, a menstrual cup (if necessary) or feminine hygiene products, and a sealable plastic bag to carry them out.”

Mini First Aid Kit

  • First aid for emergencies.

Trash Bag

  • Normal kitchen garbage bags to keep the trails you trek beautiful, clean, and free of garbage.


  • With a flexible sole and good grip, water-resistant.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek
Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek Pin Bhaba Pass trek Pin Bhaba pass Pin bhaba trek

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7 Nights 8 Days

Difficulty Level

Moderate To Difficult

Best Time to Visit

May - October

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