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Buran Ghati Trek

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6 Night 7 Days

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Buran Ghati Trek

Buran Ghati Trek is A tailor-made trek for the thrill-seekers to test their adrenaline rush and the shutterbugs who want to capture the tiniest bit of the splendid nature,

the views of Buran Ghati trail is simply unmatched and will refresh you with multiple stunning landscapes, a long stretch of Pine and Oak, widespread green meadows, snow-clad peaks, glacial lake, small gushing stream, sharp edges at the high altitude, polaroid perfect villages and the contrasting Chandranahan lake.

This glacial lake is the major highlight of this trek which is considered sacred by the locals in this area and remains frozen for the most part of the year.

Also famous as Barua Pass, this trek starts from Shimla. One can reach there via Delhi or Chandigarh through the local buses which keep running in every half an hour or you can take a train from Chandigarh to Kalka which is nearest station to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. The nearest airport is the Shimla airport from where you can drive ahead.

You will witness the most exotic and glistening floral world along the trail. There are also many winter fruits that grow in abundance in this region, including pears, apples, peaches, apricots and more.

You can simply pluck it fresh out of the plant and relish it along the way, it acts as a great trekking snack. The upward climb offers you the umpteenth beauty of Dhauladar range along with the pristine panoramic view of Kinner-Kailash peaks.

After you’ve reached the apex point crossing the enchanting views of nature and picturesque villages, there comes the best part of the trek- The Descent!

Buran Ghati trek is located at an altitude of 15,000 ft. It is situated in the Pabbar Valley in the region of Himachal Pradesh. The trek is full of wonderful and refreshing landscapes.

This trek will take you through the lush green Dayara meadows where you will find beautiful wildflowers and picturesque of snow-capped mountains,

there will be thick and dense pine and oak forests. You will come across many beautiful and glistening brooks and streams which will amaze you.

Chandranahan lake is another attraction of this trek, this glacial lake remains frozen from most part of the year. Buran pass also offers 360-degree views,

from the top of the pass you can see the panoramic view of Kinner Kailash peaks. you will find many fruit trees near Barua village such as apple, apricot, pear, and peaches

This amazing trek starts from Janglik village which is approx. 150km. from Shimla and ends in Barua village, it takes about 7 to 8 days to complete this trek. Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek
Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek

Trek Location

The Buran Ghati trek starts in the remote eastern corner of Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts at a village called Janglik and meanders through the valley along the Pabbar river until you reach Buran Ghati pass.

Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati

How to reach base Buran Ghati

By Air – Jubbarhatti airport is 22km away from Shimla this airport is well connected to various cities. Another major nearby airport is Chandigarh airport from there you can hire a cab to reach Shimla.

By Rail – You can take the train from New Delhi to Kalka it will take approximately 4hours. After reaching Kalka you can hire a cab to Shimla it will take about 1hour to reach there.

By Bus – There are several bus services that run from Delhi to Shimla every day, you can take a luxury air-conditioned bus from ISBT to Shimla. The journey is of about 11 hours.

Best time to visit Buran Ghati

During the monsoon season, the trek becomes difficult and risky the trail can be slippery the roads are not in good condition during this season due to heavy rain and at such altitude, you shouldn’t take any risks, so the best and the safest month to undertake this buran ghati trek is during April, May to mid-June, September, and October.

April to June– During the month of April and May the weather is pleasant in Pabbar valley, you can witness the best scenic beauty of Kinnaur –Garhwal Himalayan ranges, the weather remains stable during these months. The sky is clear with low clouds, the views of the mountain range, valley, hills are clear and bright everything looks colorful, the famous wildflower rhododendron blossoms during this season. In the month of June, you will find a good amount of snow on the trail.

September to October– In September the snow melts which makes climbing easy and also the sky is clear there is no cloud even during the nights that’s why this month is famous for astrophotography. The chances of rainfall are very less. At night the temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius so better carry warm clothes.

Trek Difficulty

The difficulty level of the Buran Ghati trek is Moderate to Difficult. This trek is easy for experienced trekkers but for beginners, it is quite difficult as it involves more than just mere walking. The trail consists of steeps and descent which is not easy and there is the use of a rope that can get technical at times. People who workout daily or have done trekking even once can trek Buran Ghati.

Highlights of Buran Ghati Trek

Meadows of Dayara Bugyal:

Walking through thick, dense green forest throughout the day you will have no idea what to expect next and suddenly the vast green meadow will welcome you with its magnificent scenery decorated with snow-capped mountains and beautiful wildflowers.

Chandernahan lake:

This lake is considered sacred by many locals, there is mythical story related to this lake, the local people believe that the moon of lord shiva dip in this lake that’s why the name of this lake is Chandernahan lake, this lake is also the source of Pabbar river.

Rappelling on snow wall:

This is the most exciting and thrilling part of the trek and most challenging. This part will surely give you the adrenal rush, there will be 400m steep snow wall which you have to rappel.

Barua village:

This village is located in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, here you will see the Buddhist flag outside the wooden houses of Barua village. Here you will find the cultivated lands and many fruit trees.

Activities of Buran Ghati trek

Day 1 – Shimla to Janglik

Janglik, the base camp for Buran-Ghati trekking, is where you will begin your journey. The drive will take you from Shimla to Rohru, which is a scenic drive. You’ll pass charming villages that have an instant charm from Himachal culture. You’ll also see pine and oak forests along the way, which are artistic due to their sharp edges.

On our way to Diude, we will have lunch. To get to Tonglu will take approximately two hours, as the motorable road at Tikri turns into a dirt track. Hot dinner will be served at the campsite/guesthouse after you reach Diude. You should also note that the last ATM point is located at Rohru. If you need to withdraw cash, make sure you go to the ATM. Rohru is also where you will find the network on the phone.

Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati

Day 02 – Janglik to Dayara Thatch

A bright view of the valley greets you as you wake up each morning. Before you set off, breakfast and tea will be served. This walk will take you past beautiful, hand-crafted wheat fields and wooden farmhouses. These charming wooden houses, with their beautiful roofs, will grab your attention. After climbing for about an hour, you will be able see the entire view of Diude and Tonglu as well as other small villages.

We’ll then stop for some refreshments in the shade of pine trees. You will find the forest trail to be easy and relaxing. It will be amazing to see the beauty of the forest and small streams that have cooling effects on your senses. It takes time to take in the beauty of mother nature. Take your time and enjoy your surroundings.

The trees will start to fall away from the ground almost immediately, but you’ll be greeted soon by the calm trees of Pine or Oak. They are thicker and more dense than the older ones. It looks like a carpet made of dried leaves that has been laid on the ground. The trail gradually climbs before it descends again.

Tonight’s camping spot will be in the Dayara meadows. We will climb the hillock nearby to aid in acclimatization. Your body must be properly acclimatized as you will be climbing higher altitudes. Dinner will be served at the campsite after you return from your acclimatization walk.

Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati

Day 03 – Dayara Thatch to Litham

After having breakfast at your campsite, you will begin your day exploring Dayara meadows. To soak up the freshness of the morning, you can go for a walk. The meadows become more artistic when the sun first shines on them.

You will find dense forest, meadows, and flowing streams on the trail that runs from Dayara to Litham. There are several streams that you can use to refill your water bottles along the trail. You can see the Dhauladhars snow-capped mountains before you reach the Dayara campsite. The forest of Bhoj is a stunning setting. You can see Litham from here. You will arrive at the Litham campsite after crossing the Chandranahan stream. Here you will spend the night.

Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati

Day 4 – Day of acclimatization, visit to Chandranahan Lake

Today’s ascent and descent is steep so we will start our day early. After breakfast, we will visit the Chandranahan lake to do an acclimatization walk. Then we will return to Litham campsite. This is an exciting, rewarding walk that will allow you to take many pictures. From the point where it emerges, we will continue our climb upstream to the waterfall.

In June, you will also see a lot of snow. The lake will appear smaller as it is fed by the surrounding snowfields. Before heading back to Litham, you can spend some time at the lake taking pictures and enjoying the stunning views. You will have to descend steeply to Litham so you can reach Litham before lunch.

Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati

Day 05 – Litham to Dhunda

To reach Dhunda, you will need to climb 2 hours. Dhunda is located at 13,300 feet. From here, Gunas pass sits on top of the snowy mountains. The combination of grey and white mountains, with Litham’s grassland to the left and Rupin Valley to the right, makes it a mixture of both. The steep ascent will give you the first glimpse of Buran Ghati on your left. You can take some amazing pictures by spending some time at this spot.

The climb to Dhuna will be started by following the shepherd trail to the pass. You can see the Buran Ghati trail from here. The snow-capped mountains will surround you from all sides, so you will be camping in the middle of them. The entire campsite at Dhunda is a beautiful spot to camp in the alpine mountain ranges.

Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati

Day 06 – Dhunda To Munirang (River camp), via Buran Ghati pass

Today’s trek will take us approximately 10-11 hours. It will include both ascent and descent. The snow melts in September and the climb to the pass is easy. Follow the ridge from the Dhunda campsite and climb over boulders to reach the base of this pass. It takes about an hour to climb up from the base, mostly on snow. Buran Ghati is at 15,000 feet. It’s a thrilling climb. The top is narrow and has a narrow ledge.

The steep drop to the opposite side is very sharp. Even with an ice-axe, the descent can prove dangerous without a rope. Your first goal is to get down to the snowfield 100m below the pass. The rest of the descents will be on smaller ledges you can slide down.

You will reach the base by following the ridge that runs along the pass. The climb to the top of this pass, at 15,000 feet elevation, will take about an hour. There is a narrow ledge at the top and a steep drop on either side.

Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati Pass Trek Buran Ghati

Day 07 – Munirang (River camp), to Barua village. Drive to Shimla

The last day of your trek will take you to Barua village, which is famous for its lush vegetation. This trail is beautiful and perfect for shutterbugs. It is amazing to witness the beauty of this trek while you descend. You will find a mixture of trees around the trail as you travel through high-altitude pines.

You will reach a large stream that joins the Barua Khud after about an hour of descent. You’ll see a lot more shrubs as you cross the stream. Along the way, you might also spot peach and apricot trees. After about an hour, you will be greeted with apple orchards. You’ll also see signs of cultivation. The descent becomes faster once you reach the village. The road bridge will be reached in half an hour. You will be picked up at Shimla by 1:00 PM. We expect you to reach Shimla between 10:00 and 11:00 PM.

Things to Carry  for Buran Ghati  Trek

Backpack 30/60 L  

  • External straps and loops and easy to open compartments access.

Water Bottle

  • A reusable water bottle/hydration flask – 1.5-2L.k.

Energy Bars

  • Nutrient-dense with oats, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

  • Warm and waterproof clothing for winters, wind and waterproof jackets.

Warm Jacket

  • Fleece/padded jacket to keep you warm.


  • A textured grip with rechargeable batteries.

Sun protection

  • Sunscreen, wide-brim hat, and sunglasses.

Rain Protection

  • Umbrella, opt for waterproof & windproof rain jacket for winters. 

Trekking Boots

  • Good grip, flexible sole, good ankle support, snug fit, water-resistance and are easy to wear/remove.

Extra Pair of Clothing

  • When the weather changes in the mountains (as it happens every few hours), you can take off or put on layers as required.


  • Lightweight – cotton/bamboo/linen/microfiber easy to dry.

Personal Hygiene Kit

  • ” Hand sanitizer, biodegradable soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton washcloth, toilet paper, a menstrual cup (if necessary) or feminine hygiene products, and a sealable plastic bag to carry them out.”

Mini First Aid Kit

  • First aid for emergencies.

Trash Bag

  • Normal kitchen garbage bags to keep the trails you trek beautiful, clean, and free of garbage.


  • With a flexible sole and good grip, water-resistant.


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On arrival at Shimla you will be met by our representative at bus stand and transfer you to Janglikh. Drive through the beautiful valley, en-route Khadapathar or via Narkanda and Rohru.
The journey to Janglikh will take 8-9 hours.
After briefing, camp overnight at Janglikh village.
The day ends with the bonfire, dinner.


Start leisurely.
One can explore the village. The village is pure heritage and full of photographers delight.
After breakfast trek towards Dayara Thach.
The trek winds through the thick forests, beautiful meadows and grassy land ascents.
It's a moderate trek, takes around 4-5 hours to reach Dayara Thach.
Dinner and night stay at beautiful meadow Dayara Thach.


Start your day exploring the Dayara meadows.
This trek promises you thick forest cover, fast gushing streams, meadows and an altitude of 737 feet within 3 hours.
Through the Gunas Pass, snow clad Dhaulandhar range, Silver Birch leads you to the first clear view of Litham.
Cross the Chandranahan stream to reach our Litham campsite. Relax with the best spot on the camp to enjoy the rest of the evening in the laps of nature.
Three sided view of Litham makes it all the more picturesque. Chandranahan Waterfalls on your left followed by Chandranahan Lake and the snow clad mountains.


Chandranahan Lake constitutes of glacier tarn perennial snow flanks from its surrounding mountains.
Take the shepherds trail to reach to top of the waterfall.
Chandranahan Lake take another 1 hours time to reach from the waterfalls.
This lake promises you the view of a nestled bowl like glacial amphitheatre. Enjoy the snow and beautiful stone cairns before descending to Litham.


Pass through the Rupin valley cliffs on the right. While descending the valley, you get the first view of Buran Ghati and gunas waterfall.
A bit more than an hours climb will lead you to Nalabansh.
Relax at the campsite, dinner and overnight stay.


With thrilling climb mostly on the snow at 15,000 feet, will be the most adventurous thing you would have ever done.
Two hours descent in the snowline.
Through the flowing stream on the other side is the way to your campsite for overnight stay.
Dinner and night stay at beautiful Munirang.


Most diversified trek one can witness specially while descending.
More descent leads you to gushing streams and apple orchids making your trek to Bruua Khud all the more mesmerizing.
Spend time with enthusiastic villagers longing to hear your stories.
Follow the trail to Karcham or take a vehicle.
Reach Sangla or Reckong Peo for better road connection to Shimla


  • Accommodation (Tent on sharing basis, Sleeping bag and mattress).
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner) during the trek.
  • Camping equipment and support staff.
  • Forest permits.
  • Guide Charges.
  • Basic Medical Kit.
  • Anything which is not included in the above inclusion.
  • Porters or Mule to carry Your personal Luggage.
  • Any kind of Personal Expenses.
  • Personal Medication.
  • Transportation from Shimla To Shimla.


6Night 7Days

Difficulty Level

Moderate To Difficult

Best Time to Visit

Feb - Dec

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