About Us

With our presence reaching out pan India, Nepal and Bhutan, we will be first in line to introduce the idea of sustainable yet minimalistic traveling. With facilities ranging from camping and transport to food and local guides, LazyMonk adventure is all set to launch. Our vision includes promotion of travel and adventure industry, not just monetarily, but also as a way of living.

Our Mission

We earnestly believe that a good adventure touches your soul and pushes you to grow; and LazyMonk adventure precisely aims for the same. So get your adrenaline rushing; since we are moving to your neighbourhood from the 15th of June. We would love to collaborate with you further and discuss the emerging opportunities. Keep up your adventure spirit high and LazyMonk Adventure will take care of the rest.



We have A support Of Over 100+ Aventure Travl Partner In India,Nepal,Butan


Adventure Activity

We have almost Of Over 2K+ Aventure Activity In ndia,Nepal,Butan



We are Oprating at More then 300+ Destination In india,Nepal,Bhutan



Usually We are getting Booking of More then 10K Plus Customer In Year

Leadership Team

Nitin Kashyap


Graphic Designer

Bhuwan Guleria

LazyMonk Cafe, Delhi


Sales Executive

Ajay Sahu

Sales Executive

Danish Arrora

Raod Trip