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Fringed with pine trees and decked with the prettiness of snow, Kedarkantha peak is often considered the best snow-trekking destination across the globe. Located at an altitude of 12,500 ft. above sea level, the trek to this mountain pass in Uttarakhand provides diverse levels of challenges to the voyagers.

This 4-night 5-day trek is curated after keeping in mind the wishes of people who love the serenity as well as the adventure that nature, with its unpredictable trails and mystical valleys, can provide them. Kedarkantha trek is popular Popular because of the spectacular view of snow-capped mountains that it offers after finishing the trek, some of the ranges that are visible from the summit are Black peak, Swargarohini, Gangotri, Yamunotri ranges, etc. Kedarkantha Trek blog

The subject of many mythical stories and legends that are mostly associated with Lord Shiva, the name of the summit translates to “The throat of Lord Shiva”. The local myths and folklores just add more to its charm and make the experience even better. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Kedarkantha in Hindu Myths

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva was looking for a peaceful place to meditate and have his temple built on. He choose this peak to become what we know as Kedarkantha. But with villages and locals living nearby, one morning his mediation was interrupted by the mooing of a cow, which made him leave the spot and shift to what we came to know as Kedarnath. Meanwhile, with his meditation interrupted, his temple was only half-built, to be more specific, till his throat – hence the name Kedar-Kanth or Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha Trek blog

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva was looking for a peaceful place to meditate and have his temple built on. He choose this peak to become what we know as Kedarkantha. But with villages and locals living nearby, one morning his mediation was interrupted by the mooing of a cow, which made him leave the spot and shift to what we came to know as Kedarnath. Meanwhile, with his meditation interrupted, his temple was only half-built, to be more specific, till his throat – hence the name Kedar-Kanth or Kedarkantha.

Why choose Kedarkantha as your next adventure trek?

A mountain trek has been a compulsory thing in this generation’s wish list, especially after watching and marvelling at the experience their favourite characters are having in the famous Bollywood movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. And any Himalayan trek remains incomplete without experiencing snow, so what can be better than to have a himalayan trek in the winters? But a mountain trek isn’t really a walk in the park and it does need a fair bit of stamina and physical fitness. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Kedarkantha, literally translated as Kedar-Kanth, is called Throat of Shiva. There are many legends and tales behind this place’s name and place itself making it all the more fascinating. Posing as a normal to moderate in the charts of difficulty level, Kedarkantha trek becomes an ideal choice for beginners and first-time trekkers to get them accustomed to the idea of trekking.

Although Kedarkantha is suitable for expert trekkers as well, it holds a special place for the first time trekkers to introduce themselves to the marvellous beauty of the majestic Himalayas.

Kedarkantha will make you feel the beauty and essence of the mountains and only a visit to it will make you realize why gods chose this place to reside. Kedarkantha Trek blog

The view of the sharp edges of the mountain ranges with sunlight glistening off the snow on its peaks, the rich flora and fauna, the spectacular lakes, the rich innocence of untouched nature, the view from the campsites, the touch of local lifestyle away from the chaotic urban rush and the silence is what makes things so perfect. Kedarkantha Trek blog

The picturesque wonders of Kedarkantha trek Kedarkantha Trek blog

  1. Pinnacle view

On reaching the summit, you’ll get to see a wondrous view of the Garhwal mountains. You’ll witness Black Peak, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini. This view makes the whole struggle required to reach the summit worthwhile. You’ll also be able to see the well-known Har ki Dun Valley from here.

kedarkantha trek
  • Gorgeous campsites

The campsites in this trek are counting amongst the best ones in the Himalayas in India. One such site is Khujey, a meadow enveloped within lush-green forests. Bhoja Dadi is also a picturesque campsite that is in fact situated at a closer distance from the Kedarkantha trek. 

Kedarkantha Trek blog
Kedarkantha Camping on Snow
  • The Kotgaon-Kedarkantha Route

Make sure you pass by Kotgaon during your trek, as this village is nothing less than a place straight out of a fairy tale. At the backdrop lie the Devkyara and Har ki Dun valleys. Make sure you don’t take this route during the snowfall, as it is often found blocked during this time. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Technicalities to understand for Kedarkantha trek

  • Is the trek easy?

The trek to Kedarkantha Peak is comparatively easy to other Himalayan Peak Treks. For e.g., a trek to Pangarchulla Peak has a route of 44 km while this Kedarkantha Trek has only a distance of 18 km. And both the trek distances have to be covered in the same duration.

Comparing Kedarkantha Peak to another well-known trek Stok Kangri, the trek distance from the base camp to the peak is only 3 km as compared to the Stok Kangri trek which is 7 km. Also, the altitude gain from basecamp to the summit is 300 meters only which is 1000 meters in the case of Stok Kangri.

So, if you are looking for an easy peak trek with low altitude gain and less trekking distance, Kedarkantha should be on your list.

  • Best time to visit Kedarkantha?

The best time to visit Kedarkantha trek is in the month of December to February that is in the winter season. At this time the location is filled with snow and so you get the feel of the winter trek or snow trek.

Therefore it is generally advised to take the Kedarkantha trek in winter to enjoy the complete benefits of the trek in the natural environment. Also it is highly recommended to avoid trekking in this region in the monsoon season that is up till the month of April, as the place receives a very high amount of snowfall during that phase so it may turn out to be extremely dangerous for you if you take a tour or go for trekking in Kedarkantha in the monsoon season.

Ideal duration: 5 days, can also be covered in the 6-day duration
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
Maximum altitude: 12,500 feet
Location: Uttarkashi District, State of Uttarakhand

  • How to reach the base point of trek?

The route of Kedarkantha trek is not very difficult. You can easily reach the base camp location with the help of local transportation once you reach Dehradun. Kedarkantha Trek blog

By Air:

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun which is located about 25 km from the city. From Delhi, there is a daily flight for Dehradun. After you reach Dehradun you can hire a cab or can use the local transport to reach the base camp. Kedarkantha Trek blog

By Train:

You can board the train to Dehradun from Delhi. There are regular trains that run from Delhi for Dehradun so you can take an overnight journey for Dehradun from Delhi and after that, you can use the private vehicle or bus to reach Sankri. Kedarkantha Trek blog

By Road:

Regular buses run for Delhi to Dehradun that you can board. There are Delhi government buses that run so it is advised to board the government bus from Kashmere gate in Delhi for Dehradun. After reaching Dehradun you can use the local transport system or can hire a private vehicle to reach Sankri.

Most important – Kedarkantha’s itinerary

The trip takes almost 5 days. You can also cover the trekking distance in 6 days or 7 days. It depends upon your capabilities and your trekking group as you do not generally go for solo trek tours in this location so you have to move as per your guide’s instructions. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri

The base camp of the Kedarkantha trek is in Sankri that is located at a distance of 186 km from Dehradun. So the journey of the Kedarkantha trek begins from Sankri and you can reach the place by taking both the railways and roadways to Dehradun. You can also come using air transportation and then take a local transport journey by bus or can hire a car or taxi to reach the base camp location. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Day 2: Sankri to Juda Ka Taal

You will be provided with spikes and gaiters by your instructor to wear for your safety in the trek. You will have to cover a distance of 5 km in total on the second day of the trek starting from the Sankri to Juda Ka Taal. You will start with some warm-up by walking for 10 minutes. You will get to see Swargarohini in the way and will reach Juda ka Taal by the afternoon and will stay there overnight. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Juda ka talab

Day 3: Juda Ka Taal to Kedarkantha base camp

On the 3rd day, you will begin to form the Juda ka Taal and by the late evening, you will reach the Kedarkantha base camp where you will experience the serenity of nature’s beauty and will rest there overnight after having dinner. The altitude of this place is around 11,200 ft. and the total trekking distance that you will cover on the 3rd day would be 3 to 4 km. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Day 4: Kedarkantha base camp to Kedarkantha

This is a long day as you have to cover 6 km of distance. You will enjoy the nearby locations for sometimes and then have your lunch. After lunch, you will leave you will get back from the summit. You will get to see Black Peak, Gangotri, Bandarpoonch and many more places in between and then you will take a route to Hargaon.the same day. Kedarkantha Trek blog

Day 5: Hargaon to Sankri to Dehradun

On the last day of trekking, you will return to Sankari and then to Dehradun. The total distance to cover on the last day is also approximately 6 km so the day is long and lazy as well. While returning you will get to see some of the nearby villages and pause in between meals. When you return to Sankri, you task some rest and then again start for Dehradun the same day. Kedarkantha Trek blog

With all said and done, its time you get yourself ready for the trek that you have been procrastinating about for so long. Take out your trekking bags and boots and join  for your first Himalayan winter trek to the Kedarkantha summit this winter season! Kedarkantha Trek blogKedarkantha Trek blog