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Sky Cycling In Bir Billing

Bir Billing


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Sky Cycling in Bir Billing Overview

  • A place where you can enjoy a lot of many things during trekking is known as Bir Billing. Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Hang gliding and Shopping at Bir Bazaar are things you can do on Bir Billing .
  • As the Asia Highest Paragliding Spot , Bir Billing Provides an amazing snow covered road for trekking during winters.
  • Bir Billing trek is an absolute paradise for adventure lovers.
  • You can stretch this trek to an unexplored village named as Rajgunda where you will get many camping spots with some amazing views.

Where does Sky Cycling happen ?

Sky Cycling In Bir Billing

  • Bir could also be a little rustic village located within the west of Joginder Nagar Valley within the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India, Travelers love it for Paragliding, Adventure Activities, Treks , Ecotourism, Spiritual Studies and Meditation.
  • Sky cycling in Bir has always been much super thrilling experience to the trekkers and therefore the backpackers. The sky cycling activity which Bir offers has its own fan base and one should must do this super exciting activity needless to say .
  • It gives one the important treat and sheer joy of being within the air for a short time and specifically not in any container its actual cycling you suppose to try to to .
  • It literally shoots up your adrenaline levels to the utmost levels. Tourists and a lot of tourists specifically involves attempt this activity and tests their adrenaline levels.
  • The sky cycling in Bir is undoubtedly super thrilling activity to see your levels of endurance and therefore the adventurism while being within the air.
  • The sky cycling is becoming the pivotal attraction amongst the backpackers and therefore the hikers who comes from great distance to aim it.
  • The sky cycling is ideal activity to form self convince that you’re crammed with thrill and therefore the adventurism. The sky in Bir does caters you with the foremost blissful and makes your heart fill with joy and delight.
  • Though the sky cycling isn’t for light hearted one’s but its not even that tough to urge scared of’. intrinsically the most goal of being within the Bir billing is to explore new horizons and expanding our own limits too.
  • Bir is already renewed for its breathtaking and astounding scenic views which creates soothing and provides mesmerizing experience.
  • Sky cycling is undauntedly an unique activity and provides super cool experience. intrinsically all folks pretty aware and almost everyone drove cycle within the childhood, but taking this super simple thing to are height sand letting others too experience super energetic activity makes it more unique and far admiring too.

  • Sky cycling in Bir which takes one to the wholly another level of adventurism and getting to offer you goosebumps right from the beginning to the top of this activity.
  • The activity does gives you the utmost levels of goosebumps before actual ride. Though there are ropes and you have to ride over those ropes and complete your short journey, its not that easy though.
  • Bir billing offers scintillating great thing about nature and apparently sky cycling is more just like the cherry on the cake. Sky cycling in Bir are going to be the much memorable and therefore the thumping experience which can cater you throughout your life-time that you simply rode a bicycle on ropes which testifies the important adventure traits of 1 .


What’s Special in Sky Cycling ?

  •  This activity stand out from all other activities is that the sense of a touch fear and overflowing wibes of thrill and adventurism everywhere the Bir.
  • The sky cycling is such activity which one must try once in the life-time needless to say to urge the sense of sheer thrill and sheer joy simultaneously.
  • The sky is ideal for solo and for the couples too. Bir is completely perfect place to witness and to expand your boundaries and alter your definition of thrill and adventurism.
  • As a tourist or as a backpacker you usually seeks for the joys and therefore the adrenaline boosters which elevates you and your energy and causes you to satisfied and fulfilled.
  • Then one must choose this super enthusiastic and to brandish your own adrenaline levels  in Bir is unarguably best site to go to and attempt this activity and label self because the adventurer.
  •  Specialty of the sky cycling activity is that it mentally challenges one to attempt and it challenges for adventurism which provides you opportunity to prove all wrong and get up because the conqueror.
  • Sky cycling in Bir is that activity which you want to attempt and check your adrenaline levels and embrace self for the super thrilling joy and super magnificent experience.

Activities Near Bir Billing

  • Bir Landing Site , Landing Site in Bir is also known as Sunset Point as it offers soul-stirring views of the sunset. Every evening, the local mob and tourists flock to this place to enjoy the beautiful sunset.
  • There are also a number of cafes and restaurants making the Landing Site, one of the most enthralling places to see in Bir Billing.As the name suggests, Landing Site is used by the paraglider pilots as the official site for landing and hence, one can enjoy the views of paragliders gracefully descending here.
  • Chokling Monastery ,Located in the middle of the Tibetan Colony, Chokling Monastery is one of the most popular Tibetan monasteries in Bir. This magnificent monastery is painted in white and is adorned with other bright colours; making it look stunning.
  • It has a statue of Padmasambhava and a stupa.The monastery offers unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains and as the monastery is situated just 1 km away from Bir Landing Site, one can also enjoy the beautiful sight of paragliders gliding through the skies.
  • The lush lawns in front of the meditation center, the peaceful atmosphere, and the colorful flags fluttering in the air make this one of the most cherishable Places to visit in Bir Billing.
  • Dharmalaya Institute is an eco-campus that stresses on the importance of compassionate and green living. One can register or volunteer to work with the institute. It holds many classes, workshops, courses, internships, and many others on topics like green building, organic farming, sustainable village development, etc.
  • Apart from classes on sustainable living, the Dharmalaya Institute also conducts yoga and meditation classes to help one integrate the work-life and spiritual longings.
  • Sherab Ling Monastery ,The main prayer hall of the monastery has a stunning two-storey golden Maitreya statue. Built across a sprawling 3 acres of land, the Sherabling monastery is situated within the Bhatu forest in the foothills of the Himalayan ranges.
  • The path leading to the monastery is full of pine trees on either side and the colorful prayer flags welcome everyone all through the way.The monastery is pretty huge and its complex includes beautiful Buddhist temples, gompas, and stupas. Inside the monastery, the sound of Buddhist monks reciting their prayers creates a spiritual aura.
  • If you are spiritually inclined, make sure you visit this monastery on priority amongst other places to visit in Bir Billing.
  • Bir Tea Garden , Bir has a pleasant climate that is ideal for growing tea, so tea gardens and tea plantations are found in plenty around here. Naturally, there are tea factories here and The Bir Co-operative Tea Factory Ltd near the Bir Bazaar is the biggest and most popular one.
  • One can find lots of women working here. The factory also allows tourists to enjoy an educational trip inside their premises and gives them an insight into the tea making process. One can also shop for freshly packed tea leaves and tea bags at these tea gardens.
  • Deer Park Institute , The Deer Park Institute is one of the most reputed centres for the study of classical Indian wisdom. The institute hosts several programmes on meditation, philosophy, art, culture, yoga, healing arts, Buddhism and many more.The duration of these programmes is diverse from day-long classes to month-long ones.
  • The institute is built in pagoda style that is classic architecture of monasteries and is decked up with beautiful paintings and carvings depicting the rich Buddhist and Tibetan culture. The list of places to visit in Bir Billing is never complete without the Deer Park Institute.
  • The Drukpa Kagyu monastery in Bir was established by the 8th Khamtrul Rinpoche near Palampur in Tashi Jong. It started with about 140 monks living there. The monastery has inscriptions and stone sculptures that portray the various sects and subsects of Tibetan culture.
  • The placid environment of the monastery set in a spectacular backdrop makes it a great place to meditate and seek one’s inner self.
  • Chowgan is a densely populated suburb in Lower Bir that has many verdant tea plantations with many different types of teas grown. The climatic conditions of Bir are ideal for growing tea and these tea estates look magnificent with hills and misty clouds in the background.
  • A stroll here is extremely pleasurable and these Chowgan Tea Gardens are the most refreshing places to see in Bir Billing. There are lots of women labourers working in these tea gardens with baskets in their back to collect the freshly plucked tea leaves. Some of them are friendly enough to click a picture with tourists.
  • The Baijnath temple located in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh holds high religious importance amongst followers of Hinduism. It is a highly popular temple as it houses one of the 12 holy jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in the country and devotees from across the country throng the temple to offer prayers to the lord.
  • The temple, constructed in 1207 AD by Lord Shiva devotees and local merchants Ahuka and Manyuka, is believed to have medicinal powers as the water emerging from the temple is believed to heal people from their illnesses.
  • The Baijnath temple ,redefines the Nagara style of architecture, which is highly popular in Himachal Pradesh. While the inner and outer walls of the temple boasts of exotic carving and sculptures depicting incidents of Hindu mythology, the inner sanctum houses the holy shivling. Surrounded by lush green gardens, the temple is destined to take your breath away as it overlooks the mighty snow-clad mountains while filling the air with spirituality.
  • The temple also offers its visitors a tranquil experience in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges of Himalayas. Be it a nature lover, adventure enthusiast or a history buff, the Baijnath temple and places around it have a lot to keep the visitors hooked in the mighty Himalayas. Visit the quaint temple, located 16 km from bustling Palampur, for a truly spiritual and raw sojourn in the mountains.
  • Bangoru Waterfalls, Located at a distance of just 4.5 km from the Tibetan Colony, Bangoru Waterfalls is one of the many small waterfalls in and around Bir. The Bangoru Waterfall looks calm and serene with milky white waters gushing through the rocks.
  • The waterfall is usually devoid of the tourist crowd and the route to the waterfall from Gunehar Village or Billing junction in Bir can be found with Google Maps.
  • The waterfall can be reached by a little trek and is a great spot for a secluded picnic. For those looking for places to visit in Bir Billing amidst the virgin beauty of nature, Bangoru Waterfall fits the bill perfectly well.

How to Reach Bir Billing ?

  • By Air : Gaggal airport is that the nearest airport from Bir, located at a distance of only 68 km from nearby Palampur.
  • By Train : Baijnath has its own railroad station named as Baijnath Paprola railroad station which is connected to the main cities of Kangra.
  • By Road : Highway road to Bir are good connected with many cities.


Things to carry

  • A bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • An item of warm clothing
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A rain jacket or umbrella
  • Spare cash
  • A camera (or use your phone to take photos)
  • Paracetamol (you don’t want an unexpected headache to stop you from enjoying the sights)
  • Anything else that you prefer to keep close by (as long as it’s not too bulky or heavy.


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Day Plan

Activity Timings: 9 Am to Sundown

About the Activity:
Cyclists are often spotted on roads and mountains enjoying the ride, but this is often a totally different experience, Adventure seekers will like to enjoy this activity as they will experience the bird’s eye view of the scenery around with the joys of riding a cycle over a skinny rope.

Once the person reaches the beginning point, they might be given a cycle with a security harness, and a helmet.Once secured feel the adrenaline rush while you pedal your cycle over nothing but the air. Enjoy the views that the valley of Bir Billing has got to offer while enjoying the cold breeze, you will be crammed with experience to cherish for a lifetime.


  • Activity
  • 1.Single man sky cycling
  • For the only , enthusiast traveler
  • 2.Tandem sky cycling
  • For two people to enjoy directly
  • Emergency transit or personal transport
  • Any personal expence


Full day (7+ hours)

Difficulty Level

Easy To Moderate

Tour's Location

Bir Billing


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My best Adventure

I have Fear of height tha'ts the reason I didn't do paragliding in bir, but this option is much best. it was thrill and its like the scene in movies cycling over the sky in between two mountains.
Escape Ordinary



Sky Cycling

Wow . I gone for accompany with my friends , without having knowledge of this adventure. Its really amazing , its like cycling up in the air. This activity is fully safe , even Acrophobia persons also can try this.
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