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Manali Sissu Road Trip

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Manali Sissu Road Trip Overview

jeep trip from Lovely Manali to Sissu is the baggage of blissfulness and excitement. the sissu jeep trip offers a top-notch experience that one can’t afford to miss out on. The jeep trip caters all of its tourists and backpackers with an eternal experience of joy and delight.

Manali Sissu Distance

  • The distance between Manali to Sissu is a pretty decent one to attempt for a super amazing road trip.
  • The distance is spanning around 40 km making it a perfect journey for a road trip that took in a jeep road trip. 40 km is a much comfortable distance to envision the excitement and the thrill.

Lahul Weather

  • Weather at Lahul is one of the keys and pivotal highlights of this road trip. Lahul is been blessed with a much pleasing and enriching experience which is much blissful for the tourist and the backpacker to witness.
  • The weather is the one thing that does matter specifically in tourist places such as Manali and the Lahul valley. The temperature at Lahul valley ranges between 11-20 degrees Celcius making it a comfortable and chilling place for tourists.
  • Most of the time there’s white snow all around which is pretty obvious for such a high-altitude tourist destination.

Lahul Valley Temperature

  • Lahul valley has been categorized as a chilling place in Manali Sissu trip with stupendous high altitudes in Manali Lahul Valley trip. Altitude makes the pioneer reason for its snowy surroundings and the spine-chilling cold. On a fine day, the temperature ranges between 8-21 degrees which is much fruitful for activities including trekking.
  • This temperature sets up the tone for the whole journey and it’s a wholly super amazing experience with much of soulfulness in the air. Many of the tourists and the backpackers are fond of snow and cold weather for such the trip is icing on the cake.

Manali Tourist Places

  • Manali is the place which can call it as a hub of tourist places that too much supreme quality one. Manali is having a bunch of tourist places that have the potential to crave any backpacker and make him plan a trip to Manali as it’s been such an amazing place for a trip. Manali got the perfect amalgamation of the soulful as well as the sacred tourist destinations making it a multi-dimensional tourist place.
  • Manali is even a much-talked name amongst the worshippers as it having the majestic and much popular temple of Hadimba Devi. Even though one is not a pilgrim of sacred Devi still the place is having long-lasting and much impactful sacred energy all around the place. Afterward deviating from the sacred and holy vibes to adventurous one then Manali is having the sheer epitome of endurance and unconditional adrenaline level which is the Rohtang Pass and the Solang valley.
  • Solang valley is been widely renowned for its enriching snowy surrounding which can hype any layman with high endurance. Rohtang pass as all knows that its much superb place to get relaxed and relish around. Manali has already been of the pioneer tourist destinations in India.

Manali Height

  • Manali is been blessed with a much comfortable and balanced height spanning around 2060m from sea level. Manali Sissu Trip For any high altitude tourist place its height is a pivotal factor and the determining one for its weather and the environment all around. Manali got a much pleasant and accessible height. This peculiar height makes it nurturing weather conditions that attract tourists and makes it a perfect place to plan for the trip.

Manali Sightseeing and Surroundings

  • Manali sightseeing is one of the most entertaining in Manali Sissu trip and wholesome experiences one might be getting in the skin of a tourist. Many of the tourists and the backpackers just fall in love with this specific activity making it a much-adored and cherished activity all around.

Sissu Lake

  • Manali Sissu ‘ s, Sissu lake is the ultimate place on the Manali Sissu trip which will leave your mind to boggle in appreciation and amusement. The lake is been equipped with astounding sceneries making it irresistible to avoid.
  • The Scintillating sceneries you’ll be experiencing has no bar to measure your memorable sightings. Its surrounded by snowy white surroundings enhancing its charm and making it more seductive and attractive.

Sissu Waterfall

  • Sissu waterfall is that one thing on this trip that will boost your adrenaline levels at high. It depicts jaw-dropping scenery and astounding landscapes making it a much super awesome place to explore and relish around.
  • The place offers super thrilling vibes which can make you dance in happiness and joy.
  • Sissu waterfall caters its tourists with far better quality of nature and weather for which tourists and the backpackers visit it.

Sissu weather

  • The weather at sissu is much pleasing and suitable for it ranging between 15-20 degrees. As for any high-altitude place like sissu, it’s the ultimate one to blossom and thrive in its natural habitat to its best version.
  • The weather at sissu gives mesmerizing insights to the tourists and the backpackers.

Spectaculaus Keylong Lake

  • Keylong lake is having its own features and own identity which makes it stand out from others which itself is a great achievement. Keylong lake is that unending oozing stream of joy and delight that one must taste by being there once in a lifetime.

Keylong height

  • Keylong is having a splendid height of around 3088m which is stupendous for any peculiar high altitude tourist destination.

Keylong Lake Weather

  • Keylong lake’s weather too is one of the cherishing parts making it much stabilized with a super exciting place to wander around. With the presence of the Keylong lake spot, the trip becomes much joyous and super enthusiastic making each and everyone glides in the breeze of delight.

Keylong Lahul Spiti Distance

  • The distance from Keylong Lahaul to Spiti spans around 34km which is a decent one. The distance is pretty comfortable and gives many glimpses about the super exciting scenic views which are worth being on this exciting road trip.

India’s Megastructure Atal Tunnel

  • Atal tunnel is been crowned with the stage of the world’s largest tunnel which is a great achievement in itself. And one of the most exciting parts of our trip too. The experience which you’ll be getting in the Atal tunnel is a much flabbergasting and joyous one.
  • The tunnel has already spared many headlines in appreciation and it does justify the title with much pride and luxury.

Atal tunnel distance

  • The distance of the prestigious Atal tunnel is around 9 km making it the world’s longest tunnel.

Trek to Jogini Waterfall

  • Manali Sissu and hike to exasperating Jogini waterfall. The height of the hills through which the water streams fall are humongous and wrapped in nature’s wonder.
  • The place is that hotspot from where all the optimistic and far-reaching vibes come out which can rejuvenate tourists with much of sacredness and inner peace within.

Jogini Waterfall Trek distance

  • Jogini waterfall trek distance spans around merely 7kms making it a super accessible and super comfortable place to trek on Though the height of the Jogini waterfall is much stiff still the place is having a magical touch of nature which won’t let any backpacker get tired or exhausted.

Jogini Waterfall Height

  • The height of the Jogini waterfall ranges from moderate one spanning around 7900ft above sea level. The height is a major component amongst a few of the trekkers and tourists which keeps them motivated and energized.

manali Sissu

Manali to Sissu road condition

  • The road conditions from Manali to Sissu are well maintained. Border Road Organisation maintains and developed most of the High Altitude roads in Himachal.

Manali to Sissu Cab

  • A jeep ride will be the best option for this Manali Sissu Trip, out there to explore and more importantly, you’ll be accommodated with the guide cum driver which will be much pleasing.

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Things to carry

  • A bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • An item of warm clothing
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A rain jacket or umbrella
  • Spare cash
  • A camera (or use your phone to take photos)
  • Paracetamol (you don’t want an unexpected headache to stop you from enjoying the sights)
  • Anything else that you prefer to keep close by (as long as it’s not too bulky or heavy!).
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Day 1 - Arrival of campsite - hike to Jogini waterfall - explore old Manali

So we'll be kicking off our day one by arriving at the Manali campsite. Setting up the bases as such we'll be coming back here to have a stay. Afterward, we'll be having breakfast and after refreshing self will be striding further by hiking on the Jogini waterfall.

As the waterfall is enriched with awesomeness all over which is a must to witness. Afterward, we'll be hopping in to explore old Manali and its renowned culture as it having pretty decent hype and it caters to much joy and delight.

we'll be coming back to the campsite where the bonfire is ready with its eternal flames to make your night much blissful and music completes the perfect campsite environment. After having dinner, good sleep is much needed for day two's adventures.

Day 2 : Drive to Atal tunnel - Sissu waterfall - Kelylong lake - Old Manali

Day two will be kicking off by waking up early as we having many super amazing activities on board. First of all, we've to get ready for a long drive. On the long drive,

We'll be visiting the majestic and luxurious sissu waterfall which will undoubtedly shoot up your adrenaline levels. We'll be moving ahead by traveling through the prestigious Atal tunnel on the route of Manali Leh highway. The drive is compiled with a bunch of irresistible scenic landscapes worth having on the trip.

Later one will be moving ahead on another stupendous sight in the Spiti district, the lake is more like an oozing stream of joy and delight.

After visiting it we'll be returning back to our Manali campsite to stay overnight.

DaY 3 - Breakfast and check out

Enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful morning. Enjoying the Sun Rays over the Beas Riverside Camps. Spend some time doing nothing at all. There’s joy in doing nothing at all. Enjoy the scenic view with a Tasty Breakfast. Just laze around in the grass under towering pine trees with the sun filtering through the foliage. While coming back be prepared to leave a part of yourself behind.


  • Meals - Breakfast and Dinner
  • Bonfire and Music
  • Guide Charges
  • Destination Entry permissions
  • Car charges
  • Toll Charges
  • Driver Charges
  • Accommodation in Safari Tents
  • Basic First Aid
  • GST charges
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Additional sightseeing


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