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Kondana Caves Trek

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1 Day

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Kondana Caves Trek Overview

Kondana caves trek difficulty level

  • Easy Level

Kondana Caves Trek height

  • 60m above water level (Approx.)

The time required climbing Kondana caves

  • 1 hour (one way)

  • When it involves caves in Maharashtra the one cave which you cannot miss to go to or to be heard of is that the Majestic Kondana Caves.
  • The Kondana fort’s historical background is inevitable and cannot be avoided. Kondana caves fundamentally depicts and portrays Buddhist faith. The Kondana caves been located around 30 kms from the Kondana village.
  • The caves are having super majestic structures and therefore the nature’s bliss subsequently making it more luxurious and far credible place to possess a visit. Kondana caves are the masterpieces of archeology and therefore the structural depictions. It brandishes and makes one drop their jaws in amusement and in exclamation.

Kondana Caves Trek

  • Kondana Caves Trek are the right amalgamation of the character and therefore the artificial engineering done some time past within the history. Kondana caves always been home for the admirers and therefore the nature lovers all the time. Meanwhile site has historical background so its even being much celebrated site amongst the historians and therefore the archeological freaks.
  • What acts as cherry on the cake is that the astounding and super magnificent waterfall. The waterfall is one among the most highlights which caters the sheer joy and absolute happiness to the visitor and therefore the tourists . Presence of waterfall makes this exotic place more luxurious and majestic.

  • The waterfall has faded stream so its spread everywhere and provides pleasant vibes. During monsoon its real treat and far soulful to witness these fountains of joy and delight. The caves are being artistically carved the stones and it gives absolute chills to witness the extent of art and therefore the historical depiction. The Kondana Caves Trek are having many such places included in it which may bloom your heart and soul with the the satisfaction and happiness. it’s the right place for the all kinds aged groups. The place is must visit to witness and obtain the essence of rich history.
  • The site is pretty moderate to steer and explore. The place is far adored and loved by the tiny kids because it caters the precise and unique structures. the location is filled with Buddhist depictions and therefore the incarnation of Buddhist chants. And as its a Buddhist dig so it is often been flooded with the monks and therefore the worshippers throughout the state .
  • The caves are fully made from stones i.e. monolithic carved from one stone only. This specific character increases its importance and therefore the value amongst the tourists and the visitors.

Famous places to go to near Kondana Caves Trek

  • The Karla caves subsequently too paradise for the monks and therefore the worshippers because the Karla caves too depicts the Buddhist carnations. The Karla caves and therefore the Kondana Caves Trek shares many identical characteristics in terms of structures and the sort of the carvings.
  • The Karla caves are being counted amongst one among the pioneer Buddhist caves within the country.
    The Imaginal amusement park too plays pivotal role in attracting the tourists to the Kondana caves. As we all are pretty aware of the Imaginal amusement park that its super joyous and super awesome place for the family outing and to spend the vacations . The park has much hype amongst the youngsters and youngsters who enjoys equally of being in Imaginal park.

How to get at Kondana Caves Trek

  • Its merely 115 kms from the Pune city and simply assessable with none trouble.

Things to Carry

  • Backpack 10/20 L
  • A bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Warm Jacket
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Skin Cream
  • Rain Jacket
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Extra Socks
  • Towel
  • Trash Bag

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Day 1

09:00 Reach base village and have breakfast.
09:30 Start ascending.
11:00 Reach the highest and explore.
12:30 Start descending.
13:30 Reach base village and have Lunch.
14:30 Disperse



Full day (7+ hours)

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