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Har Ki Dun Trek



6 Night 7 Days

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Har Ki Dun Trek Overview

Har Ki Dun Winter Trek may be a cradle-shaped hanging valley.

Har ki Dun, which suggests Valley of God, is situated deep inside Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in North-Western Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, neighboring Himachal Pradesh within the North.

The region is surrounded by green Bugyals in high-altitude meadows, snow-covered peaks, and alpine vegetation. it’s connected to Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass.

Har Ki Dun Trek Height & Altitude

Har ki dun trek is been blessed with an amazing height of around 3600m which is much satisfactory & descent one through the lens of a trekker’s point of view.

The height does play a vital role in any trekking site’s features. The height gives Har ki dun significant weather which makes it full of exotic vibes all over.

When it comes to any trekking destination its altitude is the first feature which been overlooked by the trekkers and tourists.

Har ki dun is having much significant and pretty fascinating altitude which can sparkle the eyes of any trekker with joy and love. The altitude of Har ki dun ranges between 11812 feet making it a much better trekking option and tourist destination to explore.

har ki dun

Har Ki Dun Trek Location

  • Har Ki Dun Trek Distance

Har ki dun trek is been spanned around much descent 48kms from the Ganger. The distance is much minimal which boosts the morale of the trekkers and more specifically the trek is full of scintillating sights which makes it even more majestic and fascinating to be part of.

Har ki dun trek distance is nothing once you start trekking, as such all of your anxiety gets cornered as you start exploring this majestic place.

Har ki dun trek distance gives many more interesting and loving surprises which makes one dance in joy.

  • Har ki Dun Trek Duration

This descent trek takes a pretty normal time of 34hours in a total of the stipulated trek to complete. Except for the driveway distances which will be there in few days. Apparently, it might seem a bit exhausting trek or a tiresome one but it’s not.

The trek is full of adventurism and sheer enthusiasm which won’t let trekkers feel or sense any exhaustion. As such the place having plenty of picturesque sightings. Har ki dun trek’s known for its wonderful and much tempting surroundings which makes trekking pretty joyous and thrilling.

  • Har Ki Dun trek Map

Day 01- Dehradun to Sankri 220kms ,8-10hour Drive.

Day 02- Sankri to Taluka To Ganger ,12kms Drive to the trek starting point and trek for 9 km.

Day 03-Ganger to Kalkattiyadhar trek for 12kms around 5 to 6 hour.

Day 04- Kalkattiyadhar to har ki dun and Jaudhar Glacier viewpoint to Kalkattiyadhar trek for 6 km time consuming around 4-5hr trek.

Day 05- Kalkattiyadhar to Ganger trek for 12kms consuming around 4 to 5hour trek.

Day 06- Ganger to taluka to sankri, 9km of trek to taluka [12kms of drive to sankri].

Day 07- [Return] Sankri to Dehradun Drive 220kms.

Best Time to visit Har ki dun

Har ki dun trek reaches its peak season during the winters. Har ki dun trek is a much ideal destination to trek and explores at the time of winters which boosts its luxurious landscapes with jaw-dropping sceneries.

During the months of November to the month of March, the place gets the avatar of many beautiful views. The place is having the eternal bliss of nature and the true essence of flabbergasting touch.

The place is ideal for one to experience refreshment and relaxation.

How to reach Har ki Dun

Har ki dun is been located at a pretty decent distance of around 200kms making it a much comfortable one to reach from the Deharadun.

There are many accessible options by which one can reach this wonderful trekking site.

Har ki Dun Trek in December

Har ki dun trek is attaining the peak beauty in the winter season with the much relishing and exotic natural habitat and truly justifying the tag of tourist destination and trekking paradise.

And December comes up with the much evident and astounding surprises which raise the bar of tourism and trekking simultaneously.

Difficulty level of the Har ki Dun trek

Looking at its scintillating altitude har ki dun has been classified with the label of moderate to difficult trek when it comes to the difficulty level.

The trek is full of elegance and eternal joy which gives trekkers and tourists the edge of the true delight of trekking on it.

The difficulty level does testify to the endurance level of the trekker and a few of the trekking skills otherwise the place is pretty comfortable to cherish the sense of freedom and adventurism.

The Temperature in Har Ki Dun

10℃ to 15℃ during the Day and 2℃ to -5℃ during the Night.

Highlights of the Har Ki Dun winter Trek

Har ki dun trek is a well-versed manner will be called Pandora’s box as it’s been filled with amazing sites and flabbergasting landscapes which makes it a more luxurious and majestic one.

The Har ki Dun trek is having a much higher influence on the great mythology Mahabharatha, as its having the temple of Duryodhana which is very rare to find.

The temple is a much admiring structure and having unique characteristics which make it stand out from others. The temple is been visited by many pilgrims and locals seem to be the believers of it.

The Swargarohini is one such place that has a connection with the Mahabharata. The Swargarohini is the place which believed that from where the Mighty Pandavas went to heaven and the place is visited and celebrated by many of the believers.

The breathtaking trails and the landscapes too been counted as the premier highlight of the trek which is scintillating to witness and experience.

Activities of Each day Har Ki Dun winter Trek

  • Day 1 – Dehradun to Sankri [220kms 8-10hr Drive]

Day one of the trek is having a bit long journey from the Dehradun to the Sankri. Which will be taking 8-10 hrs to complete it. The journey is also a mesmerizing experience.

  • Day 2: Sankri to Taluka To Gangar [12kms Drive 9 km trek]

Day 2 is having the mix of drive and trek subsequently. As will be having a decent drive from Sankiri to the Taluka and later on the trek from the Taluka to Gangar which is of 11kms of the trek.

  • Day 3: Gangar to Kalkattiyadhar [12kms 5-6hr trek]

The third day of the trek is having many majestic sightings on board which includes the snow-capped mountains and the greenery which makes your heart overflow with joy and delight.

  • Day 4: Kalkattiyadhar to Har ki Dun and Jaudhar Glacier viewpoint to Kalkattiyadhar [6kms 4-5hr trek]

Day 4 of the trek comes with much more thrilling explorations where tourists will be experiencing the oozing flow of joy and happiness. The boslo village is having a Mythological edge which makes tourists more happy and delightful.

  • Day 5: Kalkattiyadhar to Gangar [12kms 4-5hr trek]

Day 5 has two of the amazing destinations which having mythological footprints of the great Mahabharata which gives it more significance.

  • Day 6: Ganger to Taluka to sankri 9 km of trek to taluka [12kms of drive to Sankri]

Day 6 might give you a feeling of exhaustion by its trekking distance but it’s nothing like that. The day is having much foremost exploring options.

  • Day 7: [Return] Sankri to Dehradun [Drive 220kms]

Day 7 is having the trek and driveway which makes the day up. The trek is having many scintillating and luxurious landscapes making the tourists fall in love with the place.

Things to Carry

  • Backpack 30/60 L

External straps and loops and easy to open compartments access.

  • Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle/hydration flask – 1.5-2L.

  • Energy Bars

Nutrient-dense with oats, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

  • Weather Appropriate Clothing

Warm and waterproof clothing for winters, wind and waterproof jackets

  • Flashlight

A textured grip with rechargeable batteries.

  • Sun protection

Sunscreen, wide-brim hat, and sunglasses.

  • Rain Protection

Umbrella, opt for waterproof & windproof rain jacket for winters.

  • Trekking Boots

Good grip, flexible sole, good ankle support, snug fit, water-resistance and are easy to wear/remove.

  • Extra Pair of Clothing

When the weather changes in the mountains (as it happens every few hours), you can take off or put on layers as required.

  • Towel

Lightweight – cotton/bamboo/linen/microfiber easy to dry. har ki dun trek trek solo , har ki dun trek from dehradun , har ki dun trek valley , har ki dun trek blog

  • Personal Hygiene Kit

Hand sanitizer, biodegradable soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton washcloth,toilet paper, a menstrual cup (if necessary) or feminine hygiene products and a sealable plastic bag to carry them out.

  • Mini First Aid Kit

First aid for emergencies  har ki dun trek from deharadun, har ki dun se konsi nadi nikalti hai , har ki dun altitude , har ki dun best time to visit

  • Trash Bag

Normal kitchen garbage bags to keep the trails you trek beautiful, clean, and free of garbage.

  • Slippers

With a flexible sole and good grip, water-resistant.  Highlights of the Har Ki Dun Trek, har ki dun trek indiahikes , har ki trek trek the himalayas ,

Har Ki Dun Trek Height & Altitude har ki dun trek , har ki dun trek distance , har ki dun trek solo , har ki dun trek best time , har ki dun trek blog , har ki dun trek best time to visit har ki dun trek october , har ki dun trek altitude , har ki dun trek in december , har ki dun trek in november , har ki dun trek in december har ki dun trek weather , har ki dun trek temperature 

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  • Departure Date 2022
  • Mrach: 12,13,19,20,26,27
  • April: 2,3, 9,10,16,17,23,24,30,
  • May: 1,7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29
  • June: 4,5,11,12,18,19,25,26


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Day 01- Stay At Sankri

Sankri is that common and much popular basecamps for many of the treks including Har ki Dun.

Especially it's a village which is full of lovely and calming sceneries having the potential to melt your heart in joy and sheer delight.

Stay overnight at Sankri

Day 02- Sankri to Taluka To Ganger 12kms Drive 9 kms trek

Right after the nutritious breakfast, will be having a bit short driveway to the Taluka village from where will be kickstarting our trek of 9kms. The trek goes through the dense forests which makes it more adventurous.

The trek strides forward along with the Rupin river moving uphill. The winds of the trails are a bit upwards in the direction wise.

On the further, we will be confronted with the very rare Temple of Duryodhana which having its influence on the past historical background which has been told by the locals.

It's having this mythological belief that the tears which been fell from the eyes of Duryodhana at the time of his death on the Kurukshetra resulted in the form of river Tamsa.

At the end will be staying under the super majestic starry night sky along with the luxurious campfire.

Day 03-Ganger to Kalkattiyadhar 12kms 5-6hr trek

Will be heading on the 12kms of trek right after having our Breakfast. The trek will be going through the reputed flora and fauna of Govind National Park.

The wildlife is having much variety be it in its available trees or the wild creatures. The creatures include deers, Mousedeer, Snowcock, chir, chiker,and the brown bears in adequate numbers.

The national park is having an astounding 15 large mammal species making it more exotic and majestic. The trekking path is having a balanced difficulty level a perfect amalgamation of a steeper and easier path.

The Har ki dun is meant as the Hanging valley of gods. The path is full of scenic lush green forests and greenery. will be moving forward towards the next spot called Kalkattiyadhar.

Day 04- Kalkattiyadhar to har ki dun and Jaudhar Glacier view point to Kalkattiyadhar 6kms 4-5hr trek

Today's trek is having much exciting and thrilling exploration onboard which is off we'll be trekking on complete snowy white land along with the grasslands.

The glaciers having a snowy white appearance. The trail will have the breathtaking views of the Jaundhar ranges which has been spread across the 55kms making this place a heaven.

It having the mythological background of the Mahabharatha Era where Pandavas went to Heaven through the swargarohini. As you too will be getting the sacred and soulful essence while exploring the trek.

Afterward will be relaxing and refueling ourselves with the companion of the bonfire. The stay is pretty cheerful to get the optimistic energy for tomorrow's trek.

Day 05- Kalkattiyadhar to Ganger 12kms 4-5hr trek

Today's trek is having a decent trekking distance of 12kms which will be taking 5hrs of a trek to complete. The trek is having the much significant and influencing places which will keep you pumped with optimism all over. The trek's trail is having jaw-dropping landscapes.

The Mythology of Mhabharatha having its historical footprints in the village Osla as locals might seem a bit energetic about it. The Osla village is situated on the opposite side of Seema. Culturally the village is much significant.

Day 06- Ganger to taluka to sankri 9km of trek to taluka [12kms of drive to sankri]

The trek will be kickstarted very early in the morning. We will be heading towards the seems first and later towards the Taluka. The path of the trek is residing next to the Rupin river.

Seems the village comes up with a much-renowned culture and ritualism which is quite fascinating to explore and interact with it. The village is a kind of a magnet when it comes to attracting tourists then this village has mastered that art and it pulls flocks of visitors and tourists during the peak season.

The trek is even known for its rejuvenating bath which it offers and is much famous amongst the tourists.

Day 07- [Return] Sankri to Dehradun Drive 220kms

On the last day of this super amazing trek, we will be carrying the baggage which is full of magnificent experiences and instances.

Will be heading back towards the Dehradun by the driveway(Cab Charges - ₹5500)


  • Accommodation. (Guest house, Camping)
  • All Meals
  • Trek equipment (Sleeping bag, mattress, Kitchen & dining tent,utensils,tent)
  • All necessary permits and entry fees.
  • Care medical kits and oxygen cylinder.
  • Mountaineering qualified & professional trek Leader, Guide, and Support staff.
  • Transportation form Dehradun to Sankri
  • Any quite personal expenses.
  • Insurance.


6Night 7Days

Difficulty Level


Best Time to Visit

April - October

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Amazing Trek !

<p>The trek is amazing one to visit and explore. It gives joy abs happiness which worth to be explored. Thanks to lazymonk Adventure staff for all the arrangements n care.</p>
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<p>Everything about the trek and the surrounding is full of happiness and positivity. Thanks for the Lazymonk Adventure staff for all the care and support. Must visit</p>
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<p>The trek is full of rejuvenating energy and big thanks to the Lazymonk Adventure staff for all the care and support during the trek. DO VISIT GUYS.</p>
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Wondering Trekking site

The trekking experience I got is lovely one. The place is amazing in every sense be in its landscapes, or the snow capped mountains which makes it more appealing. Thanks for the lazymonk Adventure staff who were much friendly and supportive. I'd definitely recommend this to everyone.
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Totally enjoyed all the day. Very nice service. I will try to do again.
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