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Gorakhgad Fort Trek

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Gorakhgad Fort Trek Overview

  • Gorakhgad may be a fort which will be done easily during a day from Mumbai. Though not famous for any historical events, Gorakhgad attracts trekkers thanks to its inviting pinnacles, which supply good opportunities for rock-climbing. This region of Gorakhgad and Machchindragad features a dense forest cover.
  • Fort Gorakhgad is sort of small in size. it had been had strategic importance during the reign of Shahaji Raje.
  • However, no major battle is recorded to possess taken place here. it had been utilized in Shivaji Maharaj era to patrol the nearby region and was used as a stopover station during the journey to Junnar via Naneghat.
  • Though small in size, there’s enough availability water and tons of space for accommodation. The fort gets its name from Saint Gorakhnath, who performed his “Sadhana” during this place.

Gorakhgad Fort Trek Height

  • 2137 feet

Meeting Point Gorakhgad Fort Trek

  • Titwala station
  • Region: Malshej

Difficulty level Gorakhgad Fort Trek

  • Moderately Difficult

About Gorakhgad Fort Trek

  • The Gorakhgad Fort is being counted amongst the pivotal forts of Maharashtra. The fort is found within the Thane district. Although the fort portrays scenic and astounding features as a trekking fort. The trekking distance isn’t that much but it does having steeper altitude and one must take care of this.

  • The fort has unique and specific structure which makes it standout from others. The fort is surrounded by the luxurious and rich greenery all around. During monsoon season the fort becomes hotspot to the visitors and therefore the tourists. The place holds pretty good location and caters with utmost and sheer enthusiasm.
  • Though the space is little but it does gives you superb experience and a far better time spending option.
  • Gorakhgad Fort Trek been visited mostly by the beginner trekkers to garnish their trekking skills and to feed their adventurism with some boosters of adventurism. The Gorakhgad Fort Trek is renowned for its structure and fierce steepness of it.
  • The trekkers need to put forth their real efforts into it to climb this one. Although its short distanced but still its not that much easy to clinch its top. The place is far fitted to those that seek peace and therefore the soulfulness. Even the place caters perfectly to those that seek some healthy breeze and break from the tiresome work.
  • At the beginning of the trek there no difficulty in the least that a trekker confronts or crosses with but after a touch distance covered the trek becomes suddenly steeper and may cause you to scare by its steepness if you’re new trekking.
  • The Gorakhgad Fort Trek offers much pleasing weather all around to free up exhaustion. The fort is isn’t having any depiction or reference within the history of Maratha Empire reign. The fort isn’t been a part of any of the battles wiped out those times or invasion done by other empires.
  • The trek gives much pleasing and complicated vibes right from the beginning to finish .The fort is far soothing and kind a at some point visit to refresh wholly.

 Gorakhgad Fort Trek

  • There are steps carved in stones and are in better condition with none major damage. Even on the walls of fort there’s typography done. The fort is far appreciated and celebrated amongst the trekkers and tourists point of view.

Best places to go to near Gorakhgad Fort Trek

  • The sight which tops the list is that the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga which is home for the worshipper of shiva everywhere the state and always been crowded with the pilgrims altogether seasons.
  • This makes it more crowded and far attraction amongst the visitors and therefore the tourists. The fort is far blessed to possess such pleasing and sacred site surrounding which having much potential to draw in tourists and therefore the visitors to go to the fort. The Bhimashankar jyotirlinga.
  • Tansa lake is one among the attractions to go to and explore around. The lake is being visited by all kinds aged groups. The lake even offers tourists and visitors the service of sailing and exploring around. The lake has water which makes it more transparent to travel for boating.

  • The Tansa lake never been in need of tourists and visitors. During the winters and therefore the monsoon the location experiences much crowd of tourists and enthusiasts. This affects the tourism and therefore the increase within the number of tourists who attempts for trekking on Gorakhgad
  • Mahuli fort is another site which portrays the nature’s depiction and therefore the beauty much closely. The fort has lavish and opulent nature’s bliss.

How to get at Gorakhgad Fort Trek

  • Its merely a 70kms from the Thane main city just a 2 hour journey and far comfortable one.

Things To Carry

  • Backpack 10/20 L
  • A bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Warm Jacket
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Skin Cream
  • Rain Jacket
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Extra Socks
  • Towel
  • Trash Bag

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  • Gorakhgad Fort Height: 2137 feet
  • Meeting Point: Titwala station
  • Region: Malshej


Day 1

03:00 Reach village and rest.

03:30 Commencement of the Gorakhgad Fort Trek after briefing and a brief introduction.

07:00 Reach at top and explore. Have a breakfast.

08:30 Start Descending.

11:30 Reach base village.

12:00 Have a lunch.

13:00 Start Return journey


  • 1 veg Breakfast and 1 veg Lunch
  • Trek Leader expertise charges
  • Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for private consumption
  • All kinds of additional Meals / soft drinks ordered.
  • Any quite personal expenses.
  • Any quite cost which isn't mentioned within the cost includes above.
  • All expenses incurred thanks to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like roadblocks, inclemency .
  • Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required.


Full day (7+ hours)

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