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Chumathang to Yaya Tso Trek

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Chumathang to Yayatso trek is High Altitude Trek and challenging trek during this trek it focuses more on Landscape, Peaks, People Villages and High Altitude Lake.

Tour Route
Leh / Chumathang / Gangra / Sumdo / Phayalung / Yayatso / Mahe / Leh


Day 1

Pleasant Drive along the Indus by car from Leh to Chumathang, 4 Hrs.
Chumathang is legendary for its Hot Springs. People come here for medical treatment – or washing their laundry. The village of Chumathang is found 2 km further west from the recent Springs with a pleasing campground at an enormous farmhouse. you'll either visit the monastery within the afternoon or within the morning. it's 20 min by walk from the camping

Day 2

Trek Chumathang to Gangra, 5 hrs.
Set off in Chumathang, rehearse the village and follow up the valley north. the trail is straightforward to seek out as many shepherds use this trail to travel for the high pastures with their animals. you'll find a number of their places on their way. Also it's very likely to ascertain some wildlife as marmots and bluesheep. together treks up following the Chumathang river there's no scarcity of water and many of camping possibilities. Our choice Gangra is found at 4.630 m with a fine scenery.

Day 3

Trek Gangra to Sumdo, 4 Hrs.
Today is simply a brief walking-day, but you won’t regret it because the camping is about in such a fine scenery, that one has enough time to explore it or simply relax within the sun. The trail leads still along the Chumathang river from 4.630 m up to five .140 m. Sumdo, the goal of the day, may be a junction of three valleys. As oxygen is getting less, one has got to walk very slowly. But time enough to identify a number of the various marmots and perhaps some Kyangs. Sumdo is additionally a favourite place for giant herds of Yak.

Day 4

Trek Sumdo over Choku-la to Phayalung, 8 Hrs.
As this is often quite tough day together has got to cross the 5.560 m high pass Choku-la, it's advised to start out early within the morning. We climb over a ridge and follow the high valley to the east of Sumdo, reach a good higher valley and find alittle and unremarkable pass without prayerflags within the very east of this valley. this is often the very best point of this trekking and one features a superb view along the encompassing mountains and valley. then it goes slowly down, plateau after plateau, each being dominated by a gorgeous lake. First it's Sengnapo-Tso on 5.460 m, then xxx on 5.310 m and followed by xxx on 5.300 m. we've to climb over a ridge again to finally reach a shepherds place at 5.200 m, which is ok for a camping.

Day 5

Trek Phayalung to Yayatso, 5 Hrs.
While walking further down, one passes several shepherds places, walks along a refreshing river crosses a desert-plateau with an enormous Lhato and reaches alittle lake with a gorge on the left side. Passing this gorge one gets a fine view to the large blue Yayatso with its surrounding short meadows, grazing goats and yaks and therefore the small village of Yaya, containing of seven houses, on the side of the high valley. Situated on 4.700 m the Yayatso is one among the foremost beautiful lakes within the Changthang area. Camp next to at least one of the several small rivers resulting in Yayatso and luxuriate in the peaceful atmosphere with men and animals living adjusted to natures conditions.

Day 6

One could trek over another 4.800 m pass to Mahe, but as there's a road, it's nicer to line off by car. On the thanks to Mahe visit the famous nunnery with quite 100 nuns and in Mahe the monastery. In Mahe you've got the selection to travel on further into Changthang area either to newly ogangpened area of Nyoma and Muth and/or Tsomoriri/Tsokar Lakes or directly back to Leh.

Trek Ends


  • An experienced Trek leader who is a certified mountaineer
  • A supporting staff to help and guide you throughout your trek
  • Major trekking equipments of the best quality
  • Safety gear
  • First aid kit
  • Meals on scheduled time (Only Veg)
  • Any kind of personal expenses
  • Any food item or other purchases made during the trek
  • Any food item or other purchases made during the drive
  • Mules or Porters to carry personal luggage and other items on trek


4 to 6 Days

Tour's Location

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