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Bhrigu Lake Trek Via Gulaba



2 Nights 3 Days

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Bhrigu Lake Trek Overview

Tips for trekking to Bhrigu lake trek

• Do proper research for your trek – we are here to help you!

• Start training early.

• Don’t forget to pack the correct footwear(Must Be Waterproof)

• Carry weight preferably a backpack and walk for practice

• Pack essential emergency items like a first-aid kit, bandages, and medication for headaches, dysentery etc.

• Keep a down jacket, sweater, woollen trousers and rain gear

• Carry surgical tape, antiseptic cream, sun cream,Cap etc.

• Toilet kit with extra towels, toilet papers and soap

• Torches with extra batteries

• Pocketknife and Bear Spray

Why To Trek Bhrigu Lake ?

Bhrigu lake is been counted amongst the famous trekking sites within the Kullu district situated in Himachal Pradesh. because the Bhrigu lake Trek having some historical background which makes it more enriching.

The name Bhrigu is been names after the famous astrologer Maharshi Bhrigu, who is been one among the seven great sages. Maharshi Bhrigu was the famous and therefore the first compiler of predictive astrology. Bhrigu lake is been having the aura of soulfulness and sacredness everywhere the location .

Bhrigu lake offers the right package for every sort of tourist and visitor. Be it a trekker it caters with super splendid weather which makes trekkers happy, or the environmentalist by catering them with the enjoyment of portraying the luxurious green and livery greenery everywhere the location and therefore the feel good trees and mountains gives it an additional edge and beauty . Bhrigu lake trek

Environmentalists and therefore the refore the nature-lovers loves this place genuinely and even the sense of responsibility amongst the visitors and the tourists been sense by their cleanliness attitude while exploring and trekking the location . Bhrigu lake trek holds topmost position when it involves tourism in terms of lakes.

Bhrigu lake always been remembered and celebrated for its genuine nature and joyous nature. The place is filled with enthusiasm and youth fullness everywhere the location with an essence of freedom and quietness within the air.

Things to look for when on Bhrigu lake Trek

Himalayan mountaineering is going to familiarize you altogether with a different world. Bhrigu lake trek

When passing through the pathway to Bhrigu lake trek , you will realize that Bhrigu lake is situated between two mighty peaks.If you notice, the lake changes its forms.

On one occasions, it turns blue or green or and on another it has ice floating on its service. During the months of winter season, the lake gets completely frozen.

During the monsoon time, you will come across some grass and flowers around the lake. Bhrigu lake trek is worth doing during the monsoon season because of the beautiful views nature has to offer.

During your trek, you will also come across some meadows. Here you can experience the view of the peaks that you have only read about in books.

Ladakhi, Shitidhar, Hanuman Tibba are some of the peaks visible when you are walking on the grasslands. When on top at the Bhrigu lake, you will see Indrasen, Deo Tibba as well. On a clear sky day, you can also get a view of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges too.

Is Bhrigu lake difficult for First Time Trekkers ?

The trek is of easy to moderate difficulty level. 

Dotted with some stretches of rocky terrain and a few steep ascents, the trek route is not too difficult to get accommodated . Bhrigu lake trek

With basic preparation and proper fitness levels, even the first-timers and amateur trekkers can easily embark on the trek. 

The easy to moderate hiking trails of Bhrigu Lake trek is perfect for beginners to prepare for future expeditions that demand more physical and mental stamina. Bhrigu lake trek

Height Of Bhrigu Lake Trek

The altitude of lake is 4,300 metres and

Reasons why Bhrigu lake trek should be in your adventure bucket

1. Shorter span
The duration of the trek is much shorter than most of the adventurous treks in Kullu-Manali that take you to a mountain trek or a lake. You can reach Bhrigu lake in just three days without straining your legs too much.

2. Mesmerizing views
This thing goes without saying. This trek is one of the most beautiful ones in the Western Himalayas of Kullu-Manali. Mighty mountains, green meadows, countless cold water streams, verdant forests and a lake- all that nature has to offer in its pristine form is packed together in one trek.

3. Basepoint is Manali
If your first destination is Manali, you can easily start your trek and don’t have to worry about reaching the trekking start point. The trek starts from the nearby Vashishth village which is approx. 10 minutes from Manali. A second route starts from Gulaba village, just around 20 km from Manali on Rohtang highway.

4. Amazing campsites
On your way to Bhrigu lake trek, you step on awesome sites where you can pitch your tents. The meadows of Pandu Ropa and Rola Kholi have one of the most beautiful campsites that provide a splendid view of the snow-clad Himalayan mountains.

5. A perfect beginner’s trek
Bhrigu lake is located at an altitude of around 4200 meters and the trek is considered a good experience for budding trekkers as it’s neither too tough nor too easy. Moreover, trekkers get to experience a high altitude of over 4000 meters.

6. Experiencing snow
The snow remains at the top of the mountains till the second week of June. If you plan your trek accordingly, you can experience a white blanket of snow on the top of the mountains with the temperature dropping to minus at night.

7. Spend time by the frozen lake
Bhrigu lake remains frozen till the first week of June. There is white freezing snow surrounding the blue water patches in between. A true sight to behold!

8. Finally, relax in the hot springs
End your trek in the best possible way by relaxing in the hot water springs of Vashishth village.

Best time to visit Bhrigu Lake Trek

Himachal Pradesh’s trekking is one of the most challenging trekking yet it remains on the top list of every trekker due to the adventure it offers.

Bhrigu lake trek is a stretch of around 25 Kms with its start point in Manali. You can end this trek either in Manali or at Vashishth.
The starting season of the trek is from Mid-May and can be done till Mid-October.The rainfall starts in June so the ideal time to go for this trek would be before June or after August.

High probability of landslides at night so better to plan your trip accordingly.

In the summers, the temperature levitates from 20 degrees-25 degrees in the daytime and drops down to 5 -to 7 degrees at night.
If you are visiting Bhrigu Lake Trek in winter, then during the daytime it is around 10 degrees-15 degrees and at night it gets colder.
The temperature drops to even zero degrees at night. For at least half of the year, the lake remains in frozen form. You can enjoy the sight of the snow and the sun shining on the lake.

The backpackers can relish the view of the snow even when they are going early during the summer.
Winter trekking in the Himalayas can be overwhelming even for an experienced trekker.

Winter Bhrigu lake trekking is usually done in December. The whole place is cupped with thick snow and the temperatures fall even to minus 10 degrees Celsius. The upper regions experience even more heavy flow.

So it is advised not to visit Bhrigu lake during the winter seasons.

Pathway to Bhrigu lake Trek
One needs to take a drive from Manali to Gulaba and then climb up till Rola Kholi. From Manali which is 2050 m to Gulaba which is 2600 m to Rola Kholi which is then 3810 m. The 7 km trek takes around 4-5 hours to be completed.

The starting point of the Bhrigu Lake Trek is Gulaba and one has to drive approx. 22 km from Manali to reach Gulaba. Gulaba lies on the way to Rohtang Pass. Starting from Gulaba the trek goes upto Roli Kholi.

From here it is a sharp uphill trek to Bhrigu and then back. The way from Rola to Bhrigu Lake and then to Pandu Ropa is approx. a journey of 14 km to be completed in 8 hours.

Equipment to carry

 on the trek We have curated a list of necessary items that you should carry on a trek.The list is not confined to Bhrigu lake trek and should be considered when on any trek. Make sure to bring these items when on your next trek.

 If you are required to bring the trekking tools, then you need to carry a rucksack bag with an in-built rain cover. Also carry with you a day bag pack, head torch/light with extra batteries all the time.

 When you trek, you need to wear proper footwear. You need to wear skid-free, high ankle trekking shoes. They are very important because the shoes should not give any blisters.

 Wear quick-drying t-shirts or comfortable clothing. You can wear full sleeves shirts or sweatshirts for trekking.

 When you are high up on a mountain, it is your skin that goes dry in no time. Thus, there is a lot of requirements for sunblock creams because they help your skin never go dry. Also, you should consider having a lip balm and face moisturizer.

 Always carry glucose powder because that can give you instant energy. You can also carry nuts or chocolate bars that are easily carried. Do not bring any suitcases while you are coming to trek.

Activities In Bhrigu lake Trek

Day 1 – Manali To Gulaba 

  • Drive from Manali to Gulaba , after reaching kulang get ready for the real trek. from kulang different types of trails, you will be crossing the first rocky pathy way, which is steeply and sure it will be warm-up for all trekkers.  Bhrigu lake trek
  • Before entering the forest take some rest and have a packed lunch, watching the beautiful flow of streams of the river from the top of the mountains. Bhrigu lake trek
  • After the power rest trek starts again, this time trail changes from rocky steeply trail to trail through woods . This trail brings you to over-cross the edge of the hills. Nature lovers will be a favorite task , will feel and experience the secret silence of the forest. One of the ways of the trails you will notice forest berries, naturally grown berries , no pesticides, no poison. Bhrigu lake trek
  • These berries are eatables. These berries are tasty which boost your energy. The Power in that berries will tend you to trek forward the woods. Aiming our basecamp In Moridogu. we have selected the place which is a great location.
  • Clearview between woods where great view of Dhuladhar Mountains with snow over the top. Is best place spend Maggie and chai evening. Stay overnight have dinner early because next the day will be long trek day.

Day 2 Roli Kholi To Bhrigu Lake Back To Roli Kholi

  • Today trekking will take us once more unto high plateaus above the Kullu valley. We start the day early and post breakfast we will begin trekking towards Bhrigu Lake. Bhrigu lake trek
  • It takes around 3 hours to reach Bhrigu. We will carry packed lunch and have it by the lakeside.
  • Care should be taken that no littering happens over here. According to many accounts Rishi Bhrigu meditated here and used to take a bath in the holy water. After lunch, we will descend to Moridogu campsite and relax for the rest of the day.

3rd Day : Roli Kholi – Gulaba – Manali

  •  After an early breakfast, we’ll trek down to Kulang.
  •  Upon reaching Kulang in the afternoon, we’ll drive out to Manali. •
  • End of Bhrigu Lake Trek.

How to reach for Bhrigu lake Trek ?

In order to reach Bhrigu Lake trek, first, you have to arrive at Manali which is a beautiful town in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is directly connected by roadways and indirectly by railways and airways.

The roadways are well connected and the landscapes are alluring throughout. You can get regular Volvo buses from New Delhi.

The nearest and biggest railway station is the Chandigarh railway station which is 293 kilometers from Manali.

You can get frequent buses and cabs from Chandigarh to reach Manali. Chandigarh railway station directly connects major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. Bhrigu lake trek

The nearest airport is located in Bhuntar which is around 50 kilometers from Manali. You can get daily flights from most of the cities in India. From Manali, we will drive to Gulaba and this will mark the commencement of our trek to Bhrigu Lake on foot.

By Air: Bhuntar Airport which is situated in Kullu. This is situated around 52 km away from Manali. There are local taxi services you can take which are available.

Bhuntar to Manali can cost you around 1650 if it is a 7 seater car. It may cost less if it is a sedan or a smaller vehicle.You have flights from Delhi to Kullu and Chandigarh to Kullu.

By Road: The major cities from Manali are Chandigarh (312 km) and New Delhi (553 km). If you are coming to trek to Bhrigu Lake, then you can take the bus from Delhi to Manali and then go to the campsite.

Things To Carry For Bhrigu Lake

  • Backpack 30/60 L
  • Water Bottle
  • Energy Bars
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Warm Jacket
  • Flashlight
  • Sun protection
  • Rain Protection
  • Trekking Boots
  • Extra Pair of Clothings
  • Towel
  • Personal Hygiene Kit
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Personal Medication
  • Trash Bag
  • Slippers

Medical Kit We are Carrying

  • Crocin
  • Avomine
  • Avil 25mg
  • Combiflam
  • Disprin
  • Norflox TZ & Lomofen
  • Digene
  • Crepe Bandage
  • Gauze
  • Band-aid
  • Cotton
  • ORS
  • Betadine Or Any Antiseptic Cream
  • Move Spray
  • Oxygen Cylinder

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Day 1 Manali- Gulaba - Roli Kholi

Repoting Time - 10:30

- Drive From Manali To Gulaba| Trek from Gulba To Roli Kholi.
(3hrs – 4hrs)
- After ariving meeting point in Manali , will have briefing
and orintation betwen trekkers and guides. After picking
Packed Lunch drive to Gulaba (Starting point of the trek). -

Incusion on 1st Day
- Stay In Tent(Sleeping Bag,Matress,Tent)
- Guide & Trek Leader
- Packed Lunch,Evening Snacks,Dinner
- Gaiters

Day 2 Roli Kholi - Bhrigu Lake

Stating Time - 9:30AM

- Trek To Bhrigu Lake From Roli Kholi. (7hrs-8hrs)
- Today trekking will take us another time unto high plateaus
Above the Kullu valley.
- It takes around 3 hours to succeed in Bhrigu. we'll carry
packed lunch and have it by the lakeside.

Incusion on 2nd Day
- Stay In Tent(Sleeping Bag,Matress,Tent)
- Guide & Trek Leader
- Breakfast,Packed Lunch,Evening Snacks,Dinner- Dinner
- Gaiters

Day 3 Roli Kholi - Manali

Starting Time - 9:00 AM

- Trek Back To Gulaba And Departure to Manali (3hrs-4hrs)
- After the Breakfast, we'll trek right down to Gulaba.
The trek is straightforward because it features a moderate
descend throughout and can take around 3-4 hours to succeed
in Gulaba.
- Ride to Manali and departure from Manali bus stand.

Inclusion on 3th Day
- Transportation Form Gulaba To Manali
- Breakfast
- Guide & Trek Leader


  • Transport to and from Manali
  • Tents are on Triple/Double sharing basis
  • Sleeping Bags and Sleeping mat are going to be arranged
  • Meals Starts from Lunch on Day 1 till Day 3 Breakfast
  • Toilet tents are going to be arranged
  • Guides/Trek Leader
  • Transfer / meals / accommodation aside from mentioned above
  • Unforeseen handling costs thanks to weather disturbance, landslides, political unrest.
  • Personal expenses for tips, telephone calls, laundry, beverage, insurance etc.



Difficulty Level

Easy To Moderate

Best Time to Visit

June - Oct

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Bhrigu Lake Trek

It was a 4days trek , we overcomes many difficulties over the trek. Past I Have done small trek but this was huge for me. We went till bhrigu lake but couldn't see the lake because of heavy snowfall . But it's nice to hear that we have reached till the top. Guide and staff serviced well , over all it was great trek arranged by LazyMonk Adventure.
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