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Beas Kund Trek Manali



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Beas Kund Trek Manali Overview

  • The Beas Kund trek is one of the treks that have been talked about in the golden age books. On this trek, you’ll be able to reach the source of the Beas river. The Kund segregates into gracious waterfalls, rugged streams and some other small water resources.

Difficulty level Beas Kund Trek Manali

  • Easy to Moderate.

Height of the Beas Kund Trek Manali

  • 12,772ft from the ocean level.

  • The trek is one of the treks that are talked about within the golden age books. On this trek, you’ll be able to reach the source of the Beas river.
  • The Kund segregates into gracious waterfalls, rugged streams and a couple of other small water resources. Beas Kund trek is been majestically been equipped with the jaw dropping height which may easily increase typical backpacker’s expectations and give goosebumps of trekking thereon .
  • The Beas Kund trek has been absolute delight to the trekkers and therefore the explorers. the location is overflowing with the magnificent landscapes, gorgeous sceneries and therefore the perfectly super chilled weather. thanks to the high altitude location the location always been super chilled even in sunny days there’s continuous breeze of cold is flowing around giving the belief of the peak .
  • Beas Kund trek offers you the simplest and scintillating experience by taking you super on the brink of the bottom of the mountains. Beas kund is more-like a dreamy and magical place simultaneously.
  • It takes you under the open skies filled with whitish clouds everywhere . The Beas Kund is more like that Pandora’s box which is filled with magnificent things.


  • Its located on the banks of Beas river which has the image of being an excessive amount of realistic joy and pleasant confrontation.
    The Beas Kund is literally that fairytale site where everything is crafted by the almighty self. Everything at Beas Kund is nearly perfect.
  • It’s full potential to baffel one with same question. Camping at the beas kund takes you to the bliss of thrill , even the place possesses number of locations where supreme Instagram pictures might be taken without filters.
  • Jokes aside but whoever visits Beas Kund been always grateful of selecting the location to go to .
  • It’d be one’s life memorable division to be there and obtain immersed self within this super classy great thing about nature with our beloved ones or with the family.

Facts about Beas Kund Trek Manali

  • Beas Kund Trek manali is the pioneer attraction which has been nestled in the majestic Dhauladhar ranges of the Himachal Pradesh.
  • Beas Kund Trek Manali offers premium quality trekking experience which is much cherished and celebrated. Beas Kund always been flocked with the trekkers who does trekking and who’re more passionate to explore new horizons of the nature.
  • Beas Kund Trek manali is enriched with super awesome landscapes and the super splendid scenery makes it more seductive.
  • Beas Kund Trek Manali caters with the absolute joy and happiness which tourists seek for. Beas Kund is that most wanted place which you might’ve dreamt once in a life-time for sure.
  • Point is we crave for many of the foreign location but all of then are over-rated and we as a country too having much better nature’s wonders but we ignores it.
  • Beas Kund Trek is one of those spectacular trekking and tourist place which having potential to outplay those of starry and the over-rated places.
  • Beas Kund Trek gives you top edge over everything, be its weather, its ice, its mesmerizing experience or the the soulful satisfaction which makes this place irascible to visit and explore each and every corner of it.

  • Beas Kund Trek is that table topper when it comes to trekking site and the tourists places present in Himachal Pradesh.
  • The main highlight of the Beas Kund Trek is its presence in Dhauladhar ranges which itself makes it more special.
  • Dhauladhar ranges been widely celebrate for its luxurious and the super amazing wibes.
  • Dhauladhar ranges are the absolute bliss which epitomizes the sheer awesomeness and the sphere which can give you imagery of how incredible any place be.
  • This creates a gateway to the tourists simultaneously to the Beas Kund Trek to experience attention from the backpackers.
  • If you scroll or go through the pictures which are available on the digital platforms you’ll be stunned to encounter its awesomeness, and it’ll hype you up for sure.
  • Beas Kund Trek got to that dreamy and super soulful weather which is good enough to have a thumping and long-lasting experience.
  • Beas Kund Trek holds upper hand in terms of its supreme environment and weather which can make you more happier and much helpful to lessen your stress. Its even been considered as the tourist place which can relish your day-to-day tiredness.
  • The place is prefect package for everyone irrespective of its age and the interests. Beas Kund Trek even got to picture-perfect scenery which can delight those who loves clicking pictures and capturing those precious moment to make them inevitable later part.
  • Fundamentally as its name suggests Beas Kund Trek is Lake which is present at the middle of the mountains. The lake is full of feel good Vibes breezing all around making this place more aromatic.
  • The place even been blessed with the wild-flowers which acts as the cherry on the cake. I know , I know you might be feeling is what’s so special about having flower-plants .
  • So my friend having flower plants is not a new thing but having flowers all over the mountain and trekking site is wholly another thing which can take you to the 9th cloud of happiness, and most importantly the legendary scenery you’re going to witness is much unique and super appealing.
  • You’ll forget all your exhaustion and the tired body after experiencing and being amongst it.
  • Beas Kund Trek in every picture present on the digital platforms emphasizes the nature’s luxury and the unending horizons decorated with the snow capped mountains. If you’re an ice enthusiast then you’re going to love it so much.

  • Even if you’re not a big fan of mountains or just came to give company to your friends be alert my friend because you’re going to change your preferences in your interests right after getting encountered with this super relishing place.
  • Its good, and its much healthy for your heart and soul to explore and take yourself on a lovely and super gracious break to have some relief from the day-to-day work and to cater self with some quality time.
  • This place even having hidden features which you’ll be witnessing after getting yourself at this place. We as a tourist company much pleased to cater our customers with utmost levels of happiness and giving them absolute joy for which they’re visiting the place.
  • We’ve determined to provide superb services to you and your companions. As such place is heaven and having healing effects on one’s soul. It relaxes you and lets your heart smile in happiness and soul dance is gratification.
  • Beas Kund Trek Manali is such a tourist place which enjoys the love and support which it gets from its tourists and the visitors on a greater scale.
  • If you’re a Bollywood movies fan the you’re going to put this place top of your much interesting and most loved places after visiting and exploring it than just scrolling pictures online.
  • So stop your wandering soul and get on the board to the most memorable journey to the Beas Kund Trek.Beas Kund Trek


Best Places visit near Beas Kund Manali

  • One of the foremost fascinating and unique place Beas Kund gotta surrounded by is that the Friendship Peak. Damn its so lit and super cool place that one must be there.
  • The views you are going to see aren’t having bar to inform the extent of thrill and goosebumps you are going to urge .
    Being amongst mountains that too at the friendship peak is more like having cherry on the cake.
  • Its super awesome place which makes every one drop their jaws in amusement. The friendship peak makes that complete so here of adventurism and therefore the thrill simultaneously.
  • Then comes on the list super mind-blowing place called Hanuman Tibba. Its been highest peak in Kangra district. Having staggering height of 5,982m above water level .
  • The trek is wholly cherishing and long lasting effect on your soul and mind. Its renowned because the adventurous and therefore the amazing levels of satisfaction.
  • Then hits another magnificent place called Shitidhar. Shitidhar may be a climbing and hiker’s paradise. The Shitidhar treats every soul with best scenery .Beas Kund Trek

Activities at Beas Kund Trek Manali

Solang Valley – Dhundi-Jaulara Thach

  • Meet our representative at Solang then start trekking to Dhundi on the primary day itself. you’ll first pass the enchanting valley of Solang, which may be a popular holiday destination in India. From here, you’ll walk to the campsite. Dhundi may be a scenic spot with the Beas River crammed with boulders flowing through here, and forested hills lining its banks. within the distance, you’ll be ready to see the height of Hanuman Tibba.
  • You now begin your Beas Kund trek, and in its first leg, trek to Dhundi. it’s a gradual and long climb through the mountains to the present picturesque campsite . you’ll absolutely love camping by the river, and taking note of the sound of the water splashing on the rocks.

Jaulara Thach– Beas Kund – Jaulara Thach

  • This is the longest, toughest, and therefore the most vital section of the Beas Kund trekking because it will take you near the origin of the river then back to Dhundi. even as you reach a touch higher from the start line , amazing views start appearing. The place features a heap of boulders and makes a superb photography spot.
  • Velvety slopes are going to be seen from here, and below them, fir and spruce trees are going to be easily distinguishable. From here, you’ll even be ready to see where the timber line ends, and grasslands take over. After admiring the views, resume your hike, and after a short time , you’ll reach another viewpoint. From here, you’ll be ready to see grassy mountain slopes with sparse shrubs.
  • In the distance, you’ll see the glacier along side the river emerging from it. Beyond the glaciers, barren mountains are going to be visible. Continue your Beas Kund trekking tour and reach yet one more bewitching spot. By now, you’d have reached way beyond the purpose where trees stop growing. Here you’ll notice that even shrubs are becoming smaller and scantier. The mountains surrounding this spot have certain landslide marks, which are filled with rocks.
  • If you look carefully at the slopes, then you’ll realize that beyond a particular height, the grass has also disappeared altogether, and only barren and sharp cliffs remain. At the very best reaches of the slopes, some amount of snow are going to be visible also .
  • After walking for about four hours today on your Beas Kund trek package, you’ll finally reach your destination. Beas Kund may be a small alpine lake, where the waters seem azure . the various small streams together making up the most river are going to be clearly distinguishable to you. Some arise from the nearby glaciers while others have their origin within the pond itself.
  • You may also find vibrant purple wildflowers growing on the grasslands round the pond. Take pictures, relax by the lake, and explore the world more. Post this picturesque extravaganza, hike down and return to Bakartach.

Temperature at Beas Kund Trek Manali

  • Maximum been 25 °C and minimum reported at 10°C.

Best time to go to Beas Kund Trek Manali

  • Its between Mid-may and therefore the Mid-October.

Things To Carry

  • Backpack 30/60 L
  • Water Bottle
  • Energy Bars
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Warm Jacket
  • Flashlight
  • Sun protection
  • Rain Protection
  • Trekking Boots
  • Extra Pair of Clothing
  • Towel
  • Personal Hygiene Kit
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Personal Medication
  • Trash Bag
  • Slippers


We Are Not Lazy To Carry Medical Kit

  • Crocin
  • Avomine
  • Avil 25mg
  • Combiflam
  • Disprin
  • Norflox TZ & Lomofen
  • Digene
  • Crepe Bandage
  • Gauze
  • Band aid
  • Cotton
  • ORS
  • Betadine Or Any Antisepatic Cream
  • Move Spray
  • Oxygen Cylinder

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Day 1 : Dhundi - Jaralu Thach

Meet Our representative in Solang Valley then start trekking to Dhundi on the primary day itself. you'll first pass the enchanting valley of Solang. From here a hike to Dhundi .

After Dhundi targeting towards our base camp which is in Jaralu thach ,its a scenic spot with the Beas River crammed with boulders flowing through here, and forested hills lining its banks.

Day 2 : Jaralu Thach - Beas Kund - Jaralu Thach

Trek on this day starts early, walking for about 4 - 5 hours, you'll finally reach your destination.

Beas Kund may be a small alpine lake, where the waters seem azure. the various small streams together making up the most river are going to be clearly distinguishable to you.

Take pictures, relax by the lake, and explore the world more.Hike down and return to Jaralu Thatch.

Dinner and Stay overnight in base camps.

Day 3 : Jaralu Thach - Dhundi

Begin the ultimate stretch of your excursion by hiking downhill to Solang Valley. Once you reach Solang you're liberal to Depart.


  • Sleeping Tents are going to be arranged on a Triple/quad sharing basis
  • Sleeping Bags and Sleeping mat are going to be arranged
  • Meals: ranging from Lunch on Day 1 till Breakfast on Day 3
  • Certified guide
  • Toilet tents are going to be arrange
  • Tea and occasional are going to be served at fixed times
  • Aside from mentioned above
  • Food during the transit
  • Porter for private luggage. Potters are often arranged at extra cost
  • Medical Insurance
  • Unforeseen handling costs thanks to weather disturbance, landslides, political unrest.
  • Personal expenses towards tips, telephone calls, laundry, beverages etc



Difficulty Level


Best Time to Visit

June - Oct

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Satisfied Trek

Rajat and his team will make sure that you have the best of your time and would leave no stone unturned to make you comfortable in camp. We really enjoyed our time there and wish to go back again. Full marks for hospitality, location, and vibes. A little scope for improvement in the infrastructure.
Escape Ordinary



memorable experience

Overall a very good and memorable experience…The staff was so friendly throughout the trekking journey as well as they helped us when we got stuck Food was so nice. I will recommend having this experience with Lazy Monk Adventure.
Escape Ordinary



incredible experience

Incredible experience. My very first trek and I really couldn’t have asked for anything better. Our guide Vikash was very helpful and approachable all the time whilst being fun to be around. Thanks to the Lazy Monk team for such a wonderful trek.
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